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No Good Guys can be Wise Guys

United States Congressman Charles Wilson wistfully exclaims at the end of the movie version of his biography, Charlie Wilson’s War (2007): ‘These things happened, they were great and glorious, But we F–d up the end game’, These words rang in ...

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The Curriculum in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A well-known fact in the educational discourse of Pakistan has been devising a curriculum for public schools that constructed an isolationist mindset over the years. A mindset that glorified war, considered everything different as ‘the other’ and hence an enemy, ...

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The Substandard of Academic Society

I am the substandard of the academic branch of social activities in Pakistan. I have the student-position in university. Pedagogy, however, fills the middle chambers of the academic order; and a politically highly backward establishment of Pakistan orders universities. Countries ...

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A Review of ‘The Pathans’ by Ghani Khan

Ghani Khan (1914-1996) was born in Hashtnagar (Charsadda), Pakhtunkhwa. Ghani was the eldest son of the great Pashtun political and spiritual leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (aka: Bacha Khan) (1890-1988), who dedicated his life for the freedom, education, empowerment and ...

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