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وزیر اعظم شہباز شریف کا بلوچ جبری گم شدہ افراد کیلئے آواز

وزیر اعظم شہباز شریف صاحب کا بلوچ پاکستانیوں کو یہ پیغام دینا کہ وہ بحیثیت وزیر اعظم ان کے جبری گم شدہ افراد کیلئے آواز اٹھائنگے ایک المیاتی مذاق ہے! مگر یہ بھی ہماری تاریخ کی تلخ ترین حقیقت ہے ...

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Russia’s Wars- Beginning or End of an Era

The attack on Ukraine is deeply deplorable and totally unacceptable to world community in any case.  However, it was the American administration under President Bush, who in the recent past led America’s mighty war machine into the Middle East and ...

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Afraid of Revolution?

Sometimes an incident can spur a revolution. When delving into history, we can find ample examples in which an event has brought down cruel kings or the statuesque has been dashed into pieces. The aftermath could be debated, whether they ...

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Controlled democracy – Not a good going

In his first address to the nation, Prime minister Imran Khan spoke on a number of issues. It’s very pleasant to see someone speaking about the issues which were barely addressed before, as,  climate change, tourism, agriculture research, new provinces, ...

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Pakistan and Imran Khan Face a New Crossroad

Pakistan’s July 25 election resembled an episode of the theatre of cruelty: widespread accusation of vote-rigging, suicide bombs, at least 157 death and over 200 wounded, internationally designated terror suspects allowed to contest, the former prime minister behind bars, 370,000 ...

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