ARG says President Ghani committed to ensure justice as 6 terrorists executed in Kabul

ARG-PalaceThe ARG Presidential Palace issued a statement following the execution of 6 terrorists in Pul-e-Charkhi prison of Kabul today, saying President Ghani is committed to ensure justice is served and to punish those involved in terror and criminal activities.

“The President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani approved the death penalty of 6 convicts involved in major crimes and atrocities against the civilians and public security,” the statement said.

The statement further added that the death penalty was approved in consideration with the constitution of Afghanistan, criminal laws, and the orders of Islam and other necessary formalities of the government.

The order was also given following repeated demands by the families of the victims of terrorist attacks, the statement said, adding that President Ghani signed the execution orders of the convicts following full assessment and completion of the process of the courts and judiciary institutions in a proper and justified manner.

The execution of militants follows over a week after President Ghani received a list of militants sentenced to death which followed after a deadly attack on VIP protection unit in capital Kabul last month leaving at least 64 dead and 347 others wounded.

The Taliban group claimed responsibility behind the attack but the officials said they doubt the Pakistan-based Haqqani terrorist network plotted and carried out the attack.

The attack sparked furor among the Afghan officials and citizens of country who called on the government to ensure justice is served by implementing the judiciary institutions’ verdicts against the terrorists, specifically Anas Haqqani who is kept in the custody of the Afghan forces. -KP


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