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ANP to move court against suspension of Mardan nazim

HMMARDAN: Awami National Party provincial president Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has said that they will move court against suspension of district nazim Himayatullah Mayar.

Talking to journalists at his residence here on Sunday, he criticised the provincial government for suspension of Mardan district nazim. The district nazim belongs to ANP

“The provincial government has not only taken an undemocratic step but it is also contempt and violation of people mandate,” said Mr Hoti. He said that PTI was taking steps to weaken the local government system in the province.

The ANP leader said that they would fight both legally and politically against the provincial government and would not give it free hand to bulldoze public mandate through its dictatorial steps and decisions.

Hoti criticises govt for weakening LG system

Mr Hoti said that PTI chief Imran Khan was claiming to transfer powers to grassroots level through holding local government elections but the provincial government of his party was not accepting the mandate of the representatives of local government system.

It was a clear proof that provincial government wanted to fail the local government system in the province, the ANP leader said. He added that government used every tactics to create hurdles for the district government of ANP in Mardan.

Mr Hoti alleged that the government had not only reduced developmental fund of local government to 75 per cent but also decreased its powers.

He said that they would not remain silent over the anti-local government policies of the rulers.

He said that government in Punjab province was completing mega projects like metro and orange trains but the so-called champions of ‘change’ and ‘merit’ failed to launch any mega project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mr Hoti said that PTI leadership deceived Pakhtuns through the slogans of change and merit.

“Now they (Pakhtuns) have awakened and know the real face of PTI leadership due to which they would reject the candidates of provincial ruling party in the coming general elections,” he added.

Mr Hoti claimed that ANP would sweep the next general elections in the province and transfer all powers from Bani Gala in Islamabad to the Pakhuns’ own province. -MOHAMMAD JAMAL HOTI, DN


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