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ANP questions excluding names of ruling parties from Mashal JIT report

Mian Iftikhar says only name of student wing of his party mentioned in the report


PESHAWAR: ANP general secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain has shown resentment over mentioning the name of the student wing of his party in the report of joint investigation team for Mashal murder case.

He said that the ruling parties were not named in the report despite the fact that ANP disowned its party workers suspected in the case. “Two main accused are associated with student wings of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and Jamaat-i-Islami. Why there is no mention of their names? Just because they are ruling the province,” he added.

The ANP leader was talking to journalists at Peshawar Press Club where Mashal Khan’s father Mohammad Iqbal was busy in a press conference regarding the report recently finalised by the 13-member JIT tasked to probe Mashal Murder case.

“Why there is no mention of those, who shot at Mashal Khan? They are from the ruling political parties in the province,” said Mr Hussain. He said that JIT proved those standing behind Mashal’s family right as it confirmed that Mashal was innocent.

He said that ANP had already sided with the family of Mashal and disowned those party workers, who were accused of involvement in the murder. ANP chief Asfnadyar Wali Khan had announced disowning those workers, who were blamed for their involvement in the lynching of Mashal Khan.

Asfnadyar had said that even if his own son was involved in the case he would have wanted him to be hanged so that nobody could do such a dreadful act again.

ANP disowned the suspect students associated with its student wing Pakhtun Student Federation, however, it is the only political party mentioned in the JIT report while those names of the parties of other suspects have not been mentioned in the report.

“One accused is associated with PTI and another who, shot Mashal Khan is associated with IJT, the student wing of ruling Jamaat-i-Islami,” said Mr Hussain. He said that they disowned their party workers, who were accused of their involvement in the murder. “Has any other political party done it? No,” he said.

The ANP leader said that many questions were still unanswered about the role of police. “We have questions as to why names of ruling parties are not mentioned in the report. These are our questions but we hope Mashal would get justice,” he added.

Mr Hussain said that the people involved in the murder should be punished irrespective of their political affiliations. -DN

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