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ANP and the legacy of Bacha Khan

The frontier Gandhi or Badsha Khan will always be remembered all over the world due to his untiring struggle and devoted life for humanity in general and Pashtun nation in particular.It was his farsightedness that he opened schools in the Pashtun territory when people were unknown to education. He was firm believer that through education, he can help his nation to flourish in the community of developed nations.
It was also Bacha Khan’s deep desire to give a specific name to the Pashtun territory .When once Bacha Khan felt that the construction of Kala bagh dam will harm millions of poor people of Pashtun land then he opposed the plan till his death.In the same fashion, Bacha Khan advocated all the times for provincial autonomy and to imbibe political awareness in his fellow beings.
Unfortunately, Bacha Khan died without achieving any of the core objectives that he was aimed at. Though, he guided his followers and the whole nation into right direction that how could they get their national goals in the presence of such a big provinces.
Then it was the result of teachings and principles of Bacha Khan that when ANP came in power in 2008, first of all they changed the name of the province from NWFP to Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The second goal that the ANP led government achieved was the national resolution over the construction of Kala-bagh dam passed by Parliament as well as three provincial assemblies.Apart from it, the ANP led government focused on education , they constructed 8 new universities in the province with many campuses, forty seven new degree colleges and launched many programs for students to encourage and help them in getting education.For example, “Nawey sahar laptop scheme” for all students who get 60% marks, “Storey da Pukhtunkhwa” under which top twenty students of metric and intermediate of all boards were released scholarships and incentives, and “Bacha Khan khpal rozgar scheme ” was launched to release without interest loan scheme to all the educated and unemployed people of the province to curtail poverty.Along with these, ANP led government ,during its five years tenure, get succeeded in gaining provincial autonomy in the shape of 18th constitutional amendment according to which many subjects came under the jurisdiction of the provincial government.
All these show that the goals and aims of Bacha Khan have been accomplished and that is the reason that head of ANP, Asfandyar Wali, at the occasion of Bacha Khan’s death anniversary said that ANP’S think tankers will soon sit to draw a draft of the future’s guiding principles and motto for the general election of 2018. We hope for the best to see Pashtun nation united, educated, prosper and develop.

Musa Khan Nangialey

By Musa Khan Nangialey
The writer is the correspondent at the Pashtun times and social activist. He can be contacted at musanangialey@gmail.com

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