Angela Merkel’s stand on refugees is a godly act

MerkelEditorial: While commentators and journalists across Europe try to prove hey wrong by the farthest possible count, Angela Merkel’s stance on Syrian refugees shines as a new beacon of hope for mankind’s shared future. The bold stance pointed to the world a number of universal realities which would’ve gone down the drain of history without notice.

 Her policies showed that the planet is our common home and that unlike the colonial era, high-handed policies of super powers aren’t going to effect the forgotten world only but that the tremors of myopic discretionary actions on part of global leadership shall destabilize their own homes as well.

That the populace of hyper capitalistic economies reeling under the stress of global competition cannot carry the burden of a destabilized world  on their shoulders anymore and that the our beautiful little planet Earth is not be played with by terminally retarded philosophers who in their mad desire for the economic, political and military supremacy of the west, have forsaken their own cherished cold war era slogans of international law and human rights altogether, since the fall of Soviet Union, and instead of providing a common vision to mankind – as expected by Fukoyama- designed conflicts and collision of civilizations only to fill the coffers of those aspiring to be billionaires without effort or aptitude.

Angela Merkel proved to be the only leader in our times who has the guts and the nerve of universal magnitude. Obamas, Camerons, and Abdullahs may come and go but icons like Merkel are born once in a century and must be celebrated for their mettle and colossal courage. God Almighty be your comrade and supporter Angela!

Jack Frost

By Jack Frost, Editor-in-Chief 

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