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Analysis: The Ghost and After the Ghost

Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay zalmaygcu@gmail.comIt is an unending debate whether Mullah Omar did really exist or not. The name Mullah Omar is a mere reality while the person with the name is no less than a ghost. In reality, ghost exists nowhere but in fear everywhere. People know that the ghost first started his journey from Kandahar which ultimately ended in Karachi but nobody knows where exactly he was born, where exactly he died or killed and where exactly he lived or kept secret in his hibernation. Like these, there are so many questions that have raised confusion about his life and death. He was a man who never was and he was a ghost who can fear us again in the future as ghost can never die.  Even a sizable cult of people especially the Muslims do not believe in the obvious death of Bin Laden in Abbottabad, though he was seen by many in videos, photos and many people especially journalists met him personally. But in case of Mullah Omar, no one can say for sure that there really was a man by the name of Mullah Omar. The same pertains to the name of Zabihullah Mujahid the so-called spokesman of Taliban.  At best Mullah Omar was a ghost, a bogey, a myth created otherwise this drama could not be dragged for 20 years long. Like one-eyed Dajjal or the Anti-Christ he was a mystery and will remain so. His few photos, so far, came on media are not claimed authentic.

Mullah Omar 01 Pashtun’s political leader late Wali Khan is said to have said that Col. Imam was the actual Mullah Omar and many politically aware Pashtuns have the same opinion. By the way, Col. Imam was a Punjabi and a Pakistan Army officer from Chakwal district near Islamabad. He was an agent and his real name was Colonel Sultan Amir Tarar but famous by the name of Col. Imam in Afghanistan. Imam means a religious leader. He was a member of the Special Services Group (SSG) of the army, an intelligence officer of the ISI, specialist in commando-guerrilla warfare and a trainer of Taliban, received civil and military awards. As a matter of fact, he was a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, father, mentor and creator of Taliban and was active in Afghan civil war until the US attack on Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. He was deeply respected among Afghan Taliban but he was kidnapped and killed in 2011 by TTP in Waziristan. Long story short, many are of the opinion that in fact Col. Imam played the role of the one eyed-monster. Whoever is the maker in the backdoor of this one eyed-monster film, have a genius of Shakespeare, as he created the monster, let him raised, ruled and then let him collapsed and ultimately declared dead in a mysterious way. What a plot with an outstanding characterization, containing mysterious happenings by the designer who is obviously considered the ISI. And the killer of this character is also considered the ISI as the monster was shot dead in his head and his chest but one monster gives birth to another and now ISI has produced a new one called Amir-ul-Mumineen of Taliban Mullah Akhter Mansoor, an artifact dates back to the 7th century AD, a person who will now lead Muslim Ummah to paradise!

Mullah Akhter Mansoor 01Mullah Akhter Mansoor 02The moment, neither it is much important to know nor needed to be more confused whether Mullah Omar died by heart attack in Karachi or killed by somebody somewhere in Pakistan, however, it’s now obvious that a Mullah is replaced by another Mullah and a dead can tell no tales anymore. However, Talibanization has left no stone unturned to turn Afghanistan into a dark era. They made efforts to kill Afghan leadership so they hanged Afghan loved president Dr. Najib, they wanted to distort the history of Afghanistan written upon the mountains so they destroyed Buddha’s statues in Bamiyan.  During Taliban regime violence and ignorance were on the way to advancement, men and women were publicly executed and university professors were compelled to sale potatoes in the markets rather allowed to teach and impart knowledge to the university students. Professors, artists, human right activists and politicians fled away from Afghanistan and ultimately turned in psycho patients in abroad and became staunch patriots while lamenting songs of their wretched homeland called Gran Afghanistan (Beloved Afghanistan) in Pashto language.

But plainly speaking the news, probably jolting news to Taliban, of Mullah Omar death revealed, has an importance at the moment otherwise if this was not going to be revealed or conformed, then his death could never be happened. Even the news of his death would not have been a bolt from the blue keeping in views his long disappearance from public eye if there were normal circumstances. The first ever direct negotiations with the government of Afghanistan by Taliban insurgents, introduction of ISIS in the militant world and economic extension of China make unusual conditions. The questions of future of dialogue and probable splintering in Taliban insurgents groups in the aftermath of Mullah Omar’s death are but natural questions. The breaking of news at this moment does carry some meaning. The process of dialogue might be speed up with Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, as the long time supporter of dialogue process, as the new leader of Taliban insurgents. But here can also be some hurdles if Mullah Mansoor’s credibility is challenged by the powerful commanders like Mullah Zakir as one can see this now obviously. Two external factors might contribute to the overall situation of Afghanistan tremendously in the near future–the Pakistan’s factor and the Daesh (ISIS) factor.

  1. The US might be tempted to re-engage in Afghanistan if the situation becomes vulnerable due to ISIS and splintering of Taliban insurgents.
  2. Iran and Saudi Arabia might also try to re-engage their proxies. This will make the situation quite volatile.

If the situation gets volatile, then it’s quite possible that militant organizations make re-alignments and become security threats for Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This time round even certain Central Asian Republics might become targets as Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has already shifted its basis to northern parts of Afghanistan. For Russia and Turkey, this situation might be of grave concern.

Another factor which is much dangerous is the extremist narrative of Pakistan; indoctrinated to the Pakistan military and the public. Who will control the extremist mindset in Pakistan where innocent people especially intellectuals are being victimized in the name of blasphemy. The most dangerous group of terrorists is Punjabi Taliban while they are carry out their activities at large in Pakistan even they are aiding and abetting terrorists across the world. The funeral prayers for Mullah Omar in Islamabad and other places in Punjab speak volumes of constructing counter extremist narrative by Pakistan.

Funeral Prayer

After the demise of Mullah Omar and Jalaluddin Haqqani, the two main cards with Pakistan, now the Punjabi Taliban would perhaps make strategic and tactical alliances with Al-Qaeda and sectarian alliances and may extend their operations to Afghanistan if the situation gets volatile. In fact the death of Mullah Omar can make Taliban weak and disintegrated but the scenario after his demise will give birth to so many new terrorist splinter groups that will ultimately result in the increase of terrorism in the region. Now it has already been seen that the mechanism of confidence within Taliban and beyond Taliban is entirely punctured. While the lack of leadership among Taliban at this particular moment, is not a good sign for the composite dialogue process. If theHS issue of terrorism with Taliban is not going to be resolved through mutual dialogues by the main players involved, peace can’t be dreamed and Afghanistan- the war torn country will be remained a graveyard. Even though, plainly speaking, Afghanistan is not only a graveyard of empires but also a graveyard of ideas and movements such as communism and Talibanization. It might be turned a graveyard for capitalism as well. Even if someone analysis deeply, Afghanistan has been turned a graveyard for Islam as Taliban has already distorted the image of Islam and as a reaction to Taliban’s barbarity, violence and atrocities many Afghans has been turned to be an atheists.

Now the most vulnerable situation will be faced by Pashtuns across the Durand Line. Many Pashtuns have been displaced within their own homeland. They are being scattered in different areas and living in a tents along road side like gypsies.IDPs Photo

Because of the military operation they have been thrown out of their homes, schools and of their livelihoods. Even in the present scenario Pashtuns have no life at all. They are being used just as a stage-property since last 35 years. Pashtuns and Balochs are being massacred, minorities are being killed, India and Afghanistan are being targeted from inside Pakistan- a country which is actually called a bastion of Islam, expert in making a double game even with the whole world. Unless and until, the war on terror is not fought against terrorism sincerely instead of some bad guys only, peace cannot be maintained. But unfortunately it is not seemed so, because Pakistan especially military is alive on war economy. A military dictator Gen. Pervaiz Musharaff ruled the country for 10 years long but couldn’t beat terrorism, now how the military courts will defeat terrorism. This is a question that shows doubts of the public about the very role of military.

On one hand Pashtuns are trained to be Taliban and on the other hand Pashtuns are killed for being Taliban. On one side Taliban are Pashtuns and working for Arab imperialism and on the other side ISIS and Punjabi Taliban both are having the same determination. Pakistan is considered the mother of all terrorists and has, so far, been abide by its extremist narrative and still believes in the concept of good guys and bad guys and all the good guys along Punjabi Taliban are being considered as shadow army of Pakistan. Obviously, Punjabi Taliban enjoys the patronage of Pakistan army and even they have strong and deep roots inside the military. The only change Pashtun will observe now is to go from the mouth of dogs to the mouth of wolves. Instead of Taliban, Pashtuns will be thrown to the mouth of ISIS and Punjabi Taliban and that will be worst enough. ISIS and Punjabi Taliban have already been made inroads in Pashtun’s society. For example in Bannu, one can see the in-scripted support for ISIS and Pakistan army on the walls opposite the army headquarters in Bannu on a main road called Miran Shah Road. The wall chalking includes slogans such as “Salute to Pakistan army” “General Raheel Sharif is our brother” “Indians should be careful” “long live ISIS” and “We admire Abu Bakkar Albaghdadi” etc. Flag of Punjabi Taliban waving in the main city of BannuWall Chalking 02
Pashtun’s intelligentsia has had serious concerns over the writings and they are asking questions, why is terrorism in other countries, lauded in Pashtunland. Who is behind the wall-chalking? Of course they think and have doubts about the very role of Pakistan army and intelligence agencies. They show also their deep concerns over the daily recruitment of the local people for the Punjabi terrorist groups such as Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-eTayyaba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Al Badr and more in the mentioned area. Why the Punjabi terrorist groups activities are at large in Pashtun’s areas, for what agenda Pashtuns are being thrown in the laps of terrorists groups and who is behind this bloody game? A Pashtun asks questions! The End

(The article was created on 5th August, 2015 and was first published in VT)

Writer: Aurang Zeb Khan Zalmay

The writer hails from Bannu. He is the Editor and founder of THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at



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