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An insight into the strategic depth and its consequences on the Tribal belt

Shafiq Zaman WaziriNow it is an open secret that the security establishment of Pakistan unfairly exploiting the geo-strategic position of FATA since the last several decades according to their defined national interest. Our three generations become the victims of the Jihadi traumas and aftershocks occurred in the wake of strategic depth doctrine of general Hamid Gul and general Asad Durani. First to host and financed Jihadi groups and then initiate a military operation against these bands are the corrupt practices of the Pakistani security establishment in FATA since the last three decades. In June, 2009 operation Rah-e-Nijat was launched in South Waziristan against non state actors as a result the Mehsoud tribe was made homeless on massive scale, their houses were knocked down and they were bankrupted economically and educationally and have not yet repatriated.

The North Waziristan’s social and economic hubs like Mirali and Miransha are bulldozed  by Pak Army and the local population suffered the loss of billions

In June, 2014 operation Zarb-e-Azab was launched in North Waziristan against non state actors once again, and it was a right move as North Waziristan was a safe heaven for ex-Jihadist and band outfit, so to eradicate the non state actors and restore writ of the government over its territory, a military operation was inevitable. As I mentioned earlier that hosting  Jihadi groups and then launching an operation against it is the old tactics of Pakistani military establishment, but the local population of North Waziristan complied with the decision of Pak Army accordingly to a Persian proverb ” better late than never”. The local population of North Waziristan in the broader interest of the national security persuaded themselves to pass through the ordeal of evacuation their houses as they were optimistic that the military will launch a Malakand type operation and will liberate their cities and towns from the menace of these Jihadist and will guaranteed them a peaceful bright future, but no sooner their dreams went into vanity when their busy social and economic hubs like Mirali and Miransha were bulldozed and the local population suffered the loss of billion.

The sufferings  of North Waziristan not ending here, now the big brother has shown aggravation and inconvenience with the military operation as no action has been taken against Haqqani network which is the main focus of concern. Now to distract big brother’s attention from basic scenario and deceive it with fake and pseudo military operation the military establishment has decided to demolish houses of innocent people in North Waziristan, one of this series is  “Dandy Derpakhel Township”. The fact is that Haqqani network has been shifted completely  its bases to other parts of the country before the operation and  Danday Derpakhel  township has no connection and commonality with Haqqani network. Danday Derpakhel township is a modern housing society where no house is less valued than million of rupees, it was constructed and developed by the industrious labourers of north Waziristan who worked day and night in the Gulf states under highly  deplorable working condition and invested their savings and wages back home in Dandy Derpakhel housing society as their future deposits for rainy days. Now the military establishment is going to use the mentioned  housing society as a scapegoat to convince the White House  with its dubious operation going on in North Waziristan.

Enough is enough, now it is indispensable for the sons of Waziristan to raise their voice on international forum and to fight the lawsuit of their future generation themselves as political leadership including Imran Khan, Nehari Sharif and nationalist parties  have been castrated by military establishment. We will have to demand direct forensic audit of developmental funds for FATA internationally. It is the time to ask military concerned authorities with out any hesitation if they could not contribute constructively they must at least refrain to play a destructive role in FATA’s affairs. If the revengeful activities of Pak Army is not stopped  on the right time it can set ablaze everything and finally the loser will be Pakistan.

Here I may clear one thing that the sense of insecurity, deprivation and disparity  is raising day by day in tribal belt. Tribal people are pro-Pakistani up to this day and have set practical  examples of their love and loyalty for Pakistan, but the present obnoxious attitude of Pak Army pushed the tribal people away from Pakistan. Like for example mocking the Tribal  culture as evident from a recently leaked video in which two military men forcing a prank tribal woman dressed in tribal cultural attires to dance for them and recovering  explosives from her under garments which deeply hurt the feelings of tribal people. Demolishing towns, houses and markets of innocent masses and imposing unnecessary restriction on their free moments on their own soil. Waziristan has not witnessed any separatist movement up till now and the recent resistance by a handful militants  was a struggle to enforce a Sharia’ of a specific belief  influenced by Wahabi school of thoughts and was lacking the support of local population. The current objectionable practices of Pak Army is making the atmosphere favorable for separatism, God forbid if once separatism took roots in FATA then the situation can go beyond control and can result in the disintegration and split of Pakistan because the foundation of Pakistan is very critical and a small blow of air can knock it down, so it is the prime responsibility of the government and military establishment to address, the  just concerns and demands of FATA timely before it is too late.

Writer: Shafiq Zaman Waziri

The writer belongs to North Waziristan. He is an independent analyst working on FATA affairs currently working in Kuwait.


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