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American woman supporting Afghans for 38 years granted citizenship

American-woman-gets-Afghan-citizenshipKABUL: An American woman supporting the Afghan people for the past 38 years has been awarded citizenship by the Afghan government.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Ghani granted the citizenship to the woman, Marie Caroline during a ceremony organized in the Palace.

According to a presidential decree, Ms Caroline was formally granted the citizenship after she stayed for over 38 years in the country, mainly to focus on supporting the Afghan people.

President Ghani congratulated Ms Caroline for earning the Afghan citizenship and instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and other relevant institutions to jointly work for the implementation of the decree.

He also thanked Ms Caroline for supporting the Afghan people during the period she has been staying in the country.

In her turn, Ms Caroline said the Afghan people are friendly and warm and that she feels comfort by staying alongside them.

The ARG Palace said Ms Caroline was actively involved in supporting the Afghan people in various sectors, specifically in handicrafts, tailor works, and supporting the needy women. -KP


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