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All Political Parties Launch ‘Corridor Front’ in Peshawar


PESHAWAR: ‘Corridor Front’ launched in all parties joint meeting on Thursday, held at Al-Markaz-e-Islami in Peshawar. The meeting was called by Pakhtunkhwas Ulasi Tehreek (PUT) and Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, leader of PUT, presided the move.

Political parties participated in the joint meeting were ANP, ANP (Wali), JI, QWP, Mazdoor Kisaan Party, PTI and Awami Workers Party. All the parties unanimously finalized ‘Corridor Front’ for the purpose to struggle for the rights of KP in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). Each political Party gave two members for the Council of the Front. Dr Said Alam Mahsud of Pakhtunkhwa Ulasi Tehrik, unanimously elected as the Convener of Corridor Front.

Tariq Afghan participant of the meeting told THE PASHTUN TIMES that it is decided in the meeting that there is only one corridor and that is the western corridor. He added that ‘Corridor Front’ doesn’t accept any alternative corridor. Tariq Afghan said though the PM Nawaz promised on 28th May 2015 to work first on the western route of CPEC but so far the western route doesn’t exists in the gigantic project at all. He said that the Central Government is constantly deceiving Pashtuns and sabotaging their rights in the fortune change CPEC project.


The participants from all parties decided and agreed that in the next step they will stage protests, rallies and sit-ins for their due rights in CPEC. They told the media that they do not accept any alternative route except the western route.



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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a Project to Change Fortunes: Dr. Said Alam Mehsud

By Musa Khan Nangyalay, Correspondent THE PASHTUN TIMES


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