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Afzal Khan Lala: Champion of Pashtun Unity


Afzal Khan Lala was the veteran Pashtun nationalist, the champion of Pashtun national unity, a renowned author, and the central leader of Awami National Party. He passed away due to protracted illness at the age of 89 on Sunday in a hospital in Islamabad.

Afzal Khan Lala was born in Swat in 1926. He began his progressive political struggle in 1969 and kept it until his last breath.  During his eventful political career he served as deputy opposition leader in National Assembly of Pakistan as well as a federal and provincial minister.

In 2007, Afzal Khan Lala became a symbol of resistance to the Taliban terror in Swat. Despite that he suffered injuries in the Taliban attack, lost the lives of many family members, and survived eighteen assassination attempts, he could not be deterred in his resistance to the obscurantist ideology of the Taliban in Swat.

Government of Pakistan had awarded Afzal Khan Lala with “Tamgha-i-shujaat” in recognition of his services and resistance against Taliban.


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