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Afghans to emerge victorious in the conflict: President Ghani

President GhaniaKABUL: Congratulating the Afghans on the eve of the new Afghan solar year, President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said the outgoing year was the year of battles forAfghanistan’s survival and the new year would be turned into a serious fight on corruption.

In a statement, the President said they started the outgoing year under tough conditions and there had been much expectations but the situation was different.

“But we proved that power was transitioned without any bloodshed and violence…it was not an easy job, but we did it with the grace of Alllah Almighty.”

Ghani said there had been a lot of debates at home and abroad whether the Afghan security forces would be able to defend the country or not after the withdrawal of most of foreign troops, but the Afghan forces with their heroism and support of the people did not allow the enemy to divide the country and disrupt the system.

The president said they fought for the country’s survival during the outgoing year and assured that the victory would be of the Afghans in the conflict. “The enemy of peace and stability has no place in our country. I am confident we will reach peace and stability.”

The president said changing short-term friendship with the international community to mid-term and long term was another achievement Afghanistan made during the outgoing year.

He said another task they worked for during the year had been to deal with economic crisis and during the incoming year, the Afghans would see the result of his government’s efforts. -Pajhwok


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