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Afghans need to know about closed-door discussions on peace process: Ata Mohammad Noor

Ata-Mohammad-NoorThe acting provincial governor of northern Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor has called on the government of national unity to update the Afghan people regarding the behind the scenes discussions on Afghan peace process.

In his opening remarks during a ceremony to mark Nowruz, start of the new Solar year, Noor said the Afghan people wants peace and stability in the country, noting the growing violence during the recent years.

However, Noor said the Afghan people must become aware regarding the peace deals and closed-door discussions on reconciliation efforts.

“The Afghan people need to know what is going behind the scenes, people need to know about the potential deals with the militant groups and they need to be aware that the deals are not against the national interests of the country,” Noor said.

He also added that the security situation has sharply deteriorated in the northern provinces recently and pointed towards the temporary fall of the strategic Kunduz city last year.

According to Noor, the violence will likely persist during the new year as the anti-government armed militants have been deployed on larger extent in the northern provinces who are still coming for the future terrorist related activities.

The remarks by Noor comes as the Afghan government was expecting to start face to face talks with the Taliban group at the first week of this month following the conclusion of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) meeting last month where calls were made for direct talks.

The group once reiterated on its pre-conditions to sit-in for peace talks, saying ”unless the occupation of Afghanistan is ended, black lists eliminated and innocent prisoners freed, such futile misleading negotiations will not bear any results.” -KP


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