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Afghans in Brussels rally against Pakistan

BrusselsKABUL: The Afghan people living in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, took out to the streets against Pakistan for it is support o the various terrorist group that caused recent terrorist in Kabul, in which large number of innocent people martyred and wounded.

Hundreds of people rather martyred or wounded in the latest spate of high casualty attacks in Kabul, claimed by the Taliban insurgents—an extremist group that enjoys backing from Pakistan government.

Shan Pacha Shinwari, one of the rally organizers in Brussels, told Pajhwok Afghan News over the phone that they held their demonstration in front of the European Parliament. Dozens of Afghans were in attendance.

He said a number of Afghans had arrived from other European countries in Brussels to take part in the rally in support of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Shinwari added the protestors chanted slogans against Pakistan and terrorist groups enjoying safe havens in that country.

The participants reminded the world, particularly the European Parliament, that terrorist hideouts in Pakistan not only disrupted security in Afghanistan, but also threatened the entire region, he said.

He alleged terrorists trained in Pakistan were continued to be sent to Afghanistan for carrying out attacks.

Shinwari said the protestors shared their demands and a resolution with the European Parliament.

The resolution letter, a copy of which was obtained by Pajhwok, urged the international community to impose political, economic and military sanctions on Pakistan and drag the Pakistani military to the International Court of Justice.

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