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Afghans and Peace?

Dr. Khurshid Alam

Dr. Khurshid Alam

For the last few weeks there were palpable, if not visible simmering currents under the surface that at last Afghans have realized that Pakistan is not trust worthy and there is a realization on both sides of that quest of Peace in Afghan Land is for Afghan to materialize. It was a soothing feeling for all after a long time for all Afghans and peace lovers. Most of us, were holding our breath that this realization may lead to positive outcome. We honestly felt that the lack of this realization is holding peace back, not to return to this unfortunate land. Peace is the scream of Afghan’s history.

Unfortunately the “Heart of Asia” has assumed a silhouette of sickening Pandora box. The knot is so badly entangled that no one can find the end of a thread to undo it. There are numerous actors, each of them for its own interest tangling it more by every passing day, to squeeze out the drop if left. Initially the main actors were six but then the crowed increased in size. An intra- Afghan problem was internationalized, radicalized, criminalized and intoxified. Apart from the countries with vested interests, drug and dagger barons also entered the wrestling arena. A cocktail of schism, intoxicating drugs, blinding smokescreen was created to delude the three generations of Afghans who could see only heavenly wine in their own blood. The factories and distilleries were installed in Punjab and the shooting of the bloody drama was launched under the green illuminated tombs and minarets of safe havens built in Afghan land of Pakistan. The blinding was so intense that reminds me of a little story of my home. I had an Afghan fellow in my home. He was like a family member but will never pray Friday prayers with me in the nearest mosque, would invariably go to his own mosque in the outskirts of Peshawar. Otherwise he won’t let me and my family alone. One day; I decided to ask him without hurting his feelings, the reason for not praying with me in the nearest mosque. He innocently narrated the story. Dr. Sb; last Friday our leader of the prayers told us about his dream. He saw in his dream the Day of Judgment that Allah is sitting on his thrown, all the prophets are sitting in their chairs in a circle but there are two chairs still empty waiting for Gen Zia and Rasul Sayyaf to come and fill it. The huge ground looked like, as if it is Mazare Sharif.

I could see the effect of this intoxicating cocktail on his face. I didn’t think appropriate to discuss any more, in case he is offended and leave me and land with a manufacturer of the cocktail. I had met few army officers associated with ISI occasionally hiding in the doctor’s colony of lady reading hospital, Peshawar, had the opportunity to read them. I had reached to the conclusion that the drama is open ended and will blunt any deadly Russian weapon present in their arsenal.

It was a blind faith against weapon and will go through all the way, till the last drop of Afghan race. In my view it was a drama of Dollars and Riyals, produced and directed by

Regan and Mrs. Thatcher with local subcontractor, the Pakistan’s establishment and was to be launched from mother ship, Pakistan. Though agenda of the main producers and subcontractors were different but the strategy was the same. Even when the producers announced the drama is over the subcontractor couldn’t accept because their colossal agenda was yet to be completed. The peaceful transition of power through UNO was sabotaged by torching Ojhri camp by the cunning fox (Zia Nickname) and dismissing Mr. Junejo (Known as Mango PM}Pakistan establishment following the policy of “Deceit and Duality’ first stabbed the Taliban in the back and later to counter India to avoid encirclement, started supporting Taliban.

This time it was the double agent Gen Musharraf, following enlightened Islam. This game is still on by Gen. Sharif, the darling of Senator McCann. The mother ship of terrorism is exporting terror to neighbors and to the world over.” The War on Terror” was turned into “Terror upon Terror” aimed at obliterate “Fata and KPK” to the Stone Age and leaving IDPs in most inhuman state. “Zarb-i- Asab” was turned into “Zarb-i- ghazab” for us. Terrorism is a vital organ of Pakistani State Structure. Where all the strategic peaks and heights of state policies are occupied by an indoctrinated establishment. And equalizer is terrorism not only in foreign affairs but domestically too. The Afghan refugees were humiliated and ignoring all international laws were forcefully returned to their devastated country because their blood could no more Fitch F-16 for them and their investment of 42 years were put on Loot Sale.

It is unfortunate that Pakistan foreign policy is not tailored by institutions and diplomats but dictated by armed forces having a barrel vision, based on, do opposite to what Indians do irrespective of national interest. Soft point diplomacy is unknown to Pakistani Rulers and opt for to bridge every gape by hard nook of terrorism. This policy is pursued nationally and internationally. Their high intellect could be judged to jump the well in two steps and fell in to the bottom of international isolation. Now calling it the failure of our diplomats. Diplomacy and dagger does not go hand in hand. The Premier of Pakistan sent his emissaries to the important capitals of the world, to lobby for Pakistan in the case of Kashmir. One of our learned Senator in Washington linked peace in Afghanistan with peace in Kashmir, what a spark of intelligence? In fact he accepted Pakistan’s State Terrorism in both places and on the other hand cheated not to mention of Baluchistan, Fata, and KPK. One of the Member of National Assembly who was sent to France honestly confessed that he could not defend the mastermind of Mumbai attack moving freely in Pakistan. Incidentally he is from treasury benches.

This is the only country where terrorist are allowed to go in procession to occupy the federal capital where they are coddled and shown an unexpected hospitality. NAP devised by all political parties to end terrorism was selectively used and was doomed to fail and so was the case of quadrilateral approach. It was unfortunate that Senator McCann had to appreciate the military version without asking the locals. This is the fate

of the halfhearted policy of the USA. All the Jihadi Faculty is supported by the deep seated government in cash and kind. Those against deep seated government are bad and those working in other countries are angels. Recently our interior Minister appreciated their role in the defense of the country.

In Pakistan everything is shrouded in the shrouds of strategic secrecy. Any voice raised is silenced in no time. Our Federal House (SENATE) even raised reservation about CPEC terming it another East India company. We stand isolated regionally and internationally. Albright; the American Secretary of state named Pakistan as International migraine. British press termed it as a conduit of surrogates. Hillary Clinton; commented in Lahore, Pakistan can keep snakes but should not expect them to bite neighbors only.

It is no point to give different names and comments, it needs action and honesty of purpose. Why the internationally fraternity hesitate to call spade a spade. This is obscured to call terrorists Non State actors. They are very much states owned actors and better looked after than their own citizens. It looks to me; that the international fraternity is also standing on one leg. It can call the truth as truth but unable to call a wrong, wrong. If the USA can call them back from Cargill they can also tell them to vacate the Cargill’s of Political heights. Abandon terrorism and be a democratic country otherwise face international sanctions. If Pakistan can so brazenly oppose Peace why not the world fraternity oppose terrorism?

The Afghan government must put its house in order. It is not only the role of the international fraternity and behavior of Pakistani establishment to be blamed. The government must start delivering, nip the cancer of corruption. Afghanistan must learn from Pakistani disaster that individual leaves a huge vacuum behind, it is the political process which fills in the blanks. I was shocked by their melancholy to start Political process.

They should pursue the policy of negotiation and must use the good offices of Gul Badin Hikmatyar. No one knows the psyche of an afghan better than an Afghan. The more they keep Pakistan at bay the better it will be, unless soft point diplomacy is adopted by Pakistan.

Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at



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