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Afghanistan, Uzbekistan to enhance bilateral trade

size0-615x3002xKABUL: Scores of Afghan ministries have drafted different agreements to be signed with the Uzbekistan government in order to boost up mutual trade and transit deals.

Afghanistan and Uzbekistan Inter-government commercial and economic commission on Tuesday launched the 2nd conference in Kabul attended by ministers of agriculture, commerce, public works, transportation, energy and water, as well as public health.

Officials reported of establishing different draft agreements to be signed with the government and different organs of Uzbekistan at the objective to foster trade and transit deals between Kabul and Tashkent.

A draft of cooperation contents of eight sections in agriculture is prepared to be signed with Uzbekistan, said minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Asadullah Zamir.

He said that the ministry would seek Uzbekistan relevant organs’ cooperation in fields of horticulture, water management for farms, production of vegetable, cooperation in producing of improved seeds and fertilizer, expanding of livestock farms and controlling of animal disease.

Zamir added that training of cadres and sharing of experiences will be the other aspect of discussion with Uzbekistan.

“Rehabilitation of Afghanistan forests will be another subject to be discussed,” he noted.

“A team work has been established by the ministry to be introduced to Uzbekistan to discuss the draft and take steps to implement the draft.”

Minister of Commerce and Industries Humayon Rasa, said that Afghanistan and Uzbekistan officials had reached an agreement to discuss mutual issues of trade and transit to step up efforts for solution.

He said that the ministry will sign another agreement with Uzbekistan’s private sector to boost commercial deals.

Minister of Transport Mohammadullah Batash said that gradually Afghanistan says “farewell” to the landlocked issue and put full stop to the trade and transit dependency to one or two countries.

Voicing pleaser over railway line between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, he said that Afghanistan work over expanding transport and transit relation between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

He highlighted that daily 30-40 trucks coming from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan soil, but due to lack of road pass and visa for drivers Afghan truck cannot go to Uzbekistan.

“The ministry is working to address visa and road pass issue with Uzbekistan as soon as possible,” Batash stated.

Minister of Public Health Ferozuddin Feroz said that Uzbekistan pharmaceutically progressed well, thus we will struggle to import medicine from this country as well in order to create a health competition as well as foster quality of medicine in the country.

He stated that the MoPH also will struggle to establish standard laboratories for medicine checking in the country

Ministries of Public Work and Energy and Water also informed of different drafts to attract Uzbekistan cooperation in fields of railway, energy and water.


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