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Afghanistan summoned Pakistani Ambassador over Torkham clash

Pakistani-Ambassador-summonedISLAMABAD: The Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan was summoned in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MoFA) over a clash between the Afghan and Pakistani forces in Torkham.

MoFA said a strong protest was lodged with the Pakistani Ambassador Syed Abrar Hussain regarding the latest clash.

The deputy foreign minister for administrative affairs Dr. Nasir Ahmad Andisha reminded the Pakistani Ambassador regarding an agreement was reached for the establishment of intallations in Torkham as part of the negotiations between the two nations in accordance with the international norms.

Dr. Andisha further added that Pakistani continued with the installation work contrary to the agreement and the Pakistani forces opened fire on the Afghan border guards.

He said the Afghan forces retaliated to protect the sovereignty and defend from their country.

The Pakistani Ambassador was reminded that Afghanistan remains committed to the agreement and a peaceful approach and expects that Pakistani resolve the issue through diplomatic ways.

The latest skirmish among the Afghan and Pakistani forces took place late on Sunday night after the Afghan border forces prevented the Pakistani forces to establishment military installations.

An Afghan border guard lost his life during the clash and at least 6 others were wounded but there are no reports regarding the exact number of Pakistani forces casualties. -KP


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