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Afghanistan strongly reacts on Pakistani military ceremony along Durand Line

pak-afghan-tensionsKABUL: Afghanistan showed a strong reaction on Pakistani military’s flag-lowering ceremony along the Durand Line, calling it an inappropriate, provocative, and against the previous bilateral commitments.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MoFA) said the Afghan government offers its strong protest regarding the flag-hoisting and a special ceremony by Pakistani military along the zero point of the Durand Line.

Warning that such ceremonies could deteriorate the relations between the two countries, MoFA said the relations between Kabul and Islamabad is in a sensitive situation and such moves could further spark tensions.

MoFA further added that the residents of the two sides of Durand Line are having historic brotherly relations, insisting that Pakistan should concentrate more on the fight against terrorism rather holding special military ceremonies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also protested regarding pressures brought on residents of the other side of Durand Line to obtain visa for travelling to Afghanistan.

The issue of Durand Line remains controversial between the two countries as Pakistan insists that the line is an international border and has been formally recognized by the international community, including the United States.

Tensions have intensified along the Durand Line on numerous occasions with the Afghan and Pakistani forces engaging a clash earlier in the month of July after the Afghan border forces prevented the Pakistani security forces to work on the construction of a gate in Torkham.

The two sides engaged in deadly clashes for at least three times before diplomatic efforts were put in place to resolve the issue through negotations.

Both the Afghan and Pakistani security forces suffered casualties during the clashes that led to the closure of the crossing. -KP


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