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Afghanistan strongly reacts at Pakistan PM’s speech at UN General Assembly

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas

KABUL: The Afghan government’s mission in the United Nations strongly reacted at the allegations of the Pakistani Prime Minister regarding the terror sanctuaries in Afghanistan by raising questions regarding the safe havens and places where the Al-Qaeda and Taliban founds were killed or died as well as the killing of the former Taliban supreme leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor.

“My delegation is exercising its right of reply because of an erroneous claim by one member-state regarding the presence of safe-havens and sanctuaries in Afghanistan,” the Afghan mission in UN said in a statement.

The statement further added “Such reference is a deliberate attempt by the government of Pakistan to divert international attention over Pakistan’s longstanding failure to take effective action against various terrorist groups and sanctuaries on its territory. It remains evidently clear to the global community that the propagation of terrorist activities by State and non-State actors in neighboring Pakistan constitutes the main source of insecurity in our country Afghanistan and the wider region.”

“Afghanistan has persistently and consistently sought to address this outstanding issue through various channels, including bilateral and other mechanisms. Nevertheless, efforts to this end have yielded no results, whatsoever. At this juncture, Pakistan has another opportunity to engage in a comprehensive dialogue to resolve outstanding issues that have prevented it from adopting a clear and decisive stance in combating terrorism and a constructive approach for peace and security in Afghanistan,” the statement added.

“In seeking a clear picture of the current situation, let us ask the following questions:

Where was the mastermind of international terrorism, leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden killed? Answer: In the capital of Pakistan: Islamabad.

Where did the notorious leader of the Taliban, Mulllah Mohammad Omar, die? Answer: In a hospital in Karachi.

Where was Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the successor of Mullah Omar, found and killed by international forces? Answer: Baluchistan of Pakistan. And guess which country’s passport he was using for travel to different locations? Pakistan’s.

Where is the leadership fo the Quetta and Peshawar Shuras located at this very moment? Answer: The name of locations just metnioned speaks for theselves.

From what country has almost every single terrorist element, and some 20 internationally recongized terrorist groups enter into Afghanistan and continue to do so? Answer: Pakistan,” the Afghan mission in UN said.

It also added “What was just mentioned are few examples of the incessant support enjoyed by extremist groups from Pakistan. Moreover, these are not jut the words of Afghanistan. These have been claimed and verified by various credible international sources.”

According to the Afghan mission in UN “Long before any foreign intervention and the so-called “Civil War” in Afghanistan, Pakistan had adopted a policy of use of violent proxies in pursuit of political objectives.”

“Lastly, wasn’t it H.E Prime Minister Abbasi of Pakistan himself who in an interview a few days ago admitted that the culprits of the massive terrorist truck bomb on 31 May in Kabul may have entered from Pakistan to Afghanistan,” the Afghan mission in UN said, adding that “Event though not necesary, we wish to categorically reject any claim of any support provided to terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The facts speak for themselves. Now is the time for Pakistan to opt for a constructive approach in combating terrorism and promoting peace in our region.”

“Moving forward, we will use every means possible, including negotiations and dialogue to ensure security and stability for our people,” the statement said, adding that “ In this context, our resolve and commitment to defeat terrorism is unwavering and this is show in action by the sacrifice of our brave Afghan national defense and security forces every day.” -KP

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