Afghanistan reviewing options for Pakistani violations in Torkham, says Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Torkham-gateKABUL: The Afghan government is reviewing options to prevent the violations by Pakistan along the Durand Line, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

The ministry said the construction of a gate in Torkham is regrettable and against the enforced practice, calling it a move against the good neighborly relations.

Condemning the construction of the gate by Pakistan, MoFA said the move by the country is unilateral and against the previous agreements and commitments.

MoFA further added that the government of Afghanistan is strictly reviewing options to prevent the continued violations by Pakistan.

The construction of the gate by Pakistan comes as the two countries agreed last month to to form a high level bilateral mechanism for cooperation following deadly clashes in Torkham earlier this month.

The agreement for the constitution of the mechanism was reached during a meeting on the sidelines of SCO Summit in Tashken on Friday, attended by Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, National Security Adviser Mohammad Haneef Atmar and Pakistani Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz.

“Building upon the ideas generated in the meeting between Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister and Foreign Secretary of Pakistan in Islamabad on 20 June 2016, they agreed to constitute a high level bilateral mechanism for consultation and coordination on various important issues relating to bilateral relations and cooperation, including security, movement of people and vehicles between the two countries and other relevant issues,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said in a statement.

Tensions intensified among the Afghan and Pakistani forces earlier last month after the Afghan border forces prevented the Pakistani security forces to work on the construction of a gate in Torkham.

The two sides engaged in deadly clashes for at least three times before diplomatic efforts were put in place to resolve the issue through negotations.

Both the Afghan and Pakistani security forces suffered casualties during the clashes that led to the closure of the crossing. -KP


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