Afghanistan need modern Mi-35 gunships to rebuff terrorism groups: Atmar

Mi-35-1MOSCOW: The National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar has said Afghanistan need modern Mi-35 gunship helicopters in order to rebuff the terrorist groups in the country.

Atmar is currently on an official visit to Russia to discuss issues of bilateral interest as well as we expanding ties between Kabul and Moscow.

“We need combat helicopters and other weapons to rebuff terrorist groups acting in the Afghan territory more efficiently,” Atmar told the local news agency, TASS.

Atmar further added “Now we have obsolete modifications of Russian combat helicopters. We would like to replace them by more modern Mi-35 rotorcraft and to organize training of pilots and technical personnel to service these helicopters. This is issue is of top priority importance for us at the moment.”

He said a symbiosis of terrorist groups, including the Taliban movement, militants enjoying support from Pakistan’s and Central Asian radical Islamic organizations, al Qaeda and Islamic State, are acting in the territory of Afghanistan.

“In this sense, we have a common enemy with Russia and other countries of the region,” he said. “However we have no common strategy of countering this enemy. We think that it is necessary to involve countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to the elaboration of such strategy, and Russia has a special role in these efforts.” -KP


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