Afghanistan, India, Iran finalize draft agreement for Chabahar port


The draft agreement for Chabahar strategic port was finalized between Afghanistan, Iran and India on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

A statement by MoFA said the draft agreement is ready for the signing to create transportation and transit corridor in Chabahar port.

The draft agreement was finalized during a meeting organized in Ministry of External Affairs of India, MoFA said, adding that Afghanistan was represented by representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industries Ministry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry Transporation and Aviation Directorate of Railway Network and Embassy of Afghanistan in India.

According to MoFA, the Chabahar port, located in southeastern part of Iran in Sistan of Balochistan, could play a vital role in expanding sea trade among the regional countries.

The statement by MoFA further added that the port will also play a key role in reducing time and expenses for the transportation of commodities besides linking the South Asian countries with Central Asian countries as well as Middle Eastern countries with the Central Asia.

The three nations also agreed to establish a subsidiary committee in the format of the agreement to prepare transit and port protocols and other issues including custom and consulate affairs, the statement added.

According to MoFA, the meeting participants agreed to pave the way for the signing of the agreement by high level government officials of the three countries in two months. -KP


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