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Afghanistan: Gen. Murad says militant groups to suffer heavy loss this year

Gen.-MuradThe deputy Chief of Army Staff General Murad Ali Khan Murad said the anti-government armed militant groups’ only achievement during the year would be defeat and abjection during the current year.

In his speech during a gathering in Kabul, Gen. Murad said the Afghan forces are prepared for all type of campaign against the terror groups.

He said the Afghan people are supporting their security forces with honesty and faith and the gathering organized by the Afghan youth is an example of support to the Afghan National Security Forces.

Gen. Murad further added that the sign of unity further strengthens the Afghan security forces who are fighting the terrorist groups.

He also added that the anti-government armed militant groups have no justification for their ongoing insurgency but the Afghan forces have national and religious basis to defend the country against the militants’ aggression.

The remarks by Gen. Murad comes as the Taliban militants group announced their spring offensive earlier this week and vowed to carry out more insurgency activities.

Taliban said they will carry out more suicide and coordinated attacks as their insurgency marks 15th year, emphasizing that they will continue to violence and insurgency until their demands of establishment of Shari law and withdrawal of foreign forces have not been met. -KP


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