Afghanistan deports 250 Pakistani workers as deadlock persists near Chaman

CHAMAN: Pakistan authorities shut down the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Chaman on Friday after a group of Afghan demonstrators attacked the Friendship Gate at Chaman and set the Pakistani flag on fire. INP PHOTO by M Achakzai

INP PHOTO by M Achakzai

KABUL: Afghanistan has reportedly deported 250 Pakistani workers as deadlock persists along the Durand Line near Chaman with the crossing remaining closed for the 10th consecutive day.

A Pakistani official quoted in reports by local media said the Afghan officials had expelled over 250 Pakistani laborers during last 10 days after the border was closed.

The crossing, Friendship Gate, was closed ten days ago after the Pakistani officials claimed that several Afghan demonstrators attacked the gate and set the Pakistani flag on fire.

Numerous attempts have been made to resolve the issue and reopen the crossing but no breakthrough has been made so far.

The NATO supplies and cross border trade activities were also suspended on 10th consecutive day on Saturday.

Earlier tensions intensified between the two neighboring countries on several occassions during the past recent months, mainly due to the establishment of gates and other installations.

The Afghan and Pakistani forces exchanged fire in Torkham earlier in June which resulted in to the closure of the gate for several days.

Both the Afghan and Pakistani forces suffered casualties during the clashes that erupted due to the construction of a gate by Pakistan which the Afghan officials called a unilateral move and against a bilateral agreement between the two nations. -KP


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