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Afghanistan cancels cricket series with Pakistan after Kabul attack

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KABUL: The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has cancelled the upcoming cricket series with Pakistan after the deadly Kabul attack that left at least 80 people dead.

“By killing innocent and destitute people today, the enemies of Afghanistan’s peace and stability showed that they are not worthy of friendship and will not change thier stance against Afghans,” a statement by ACB said.

The statement further added that “In light of the findings of security services and calls by the Afghan nation, the ACB hereby cancel all kinds of cricket matches and initial mutual relationship agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board.”

“No agreement of friendly matches and mutual relationship agreement is possible with a country where terrorists are housed and provided safe havens,” ACB added.

The Afghan intelligence said late Wednesday that credible intelligence information confirms the attack was carried out by the network on direct instructions and with the support of the Pakistani military intelligence, Inter Services Intelligence.

The incident in the diplomatic area of Kabul took place around 8:30 am local time after a vehicle packed with explosives was detonated.

The  ministry of public health officials said at least 80 people were killed and over 350 others were wounded in the attack.

The Taliban group, having close links with the Haqqani terrorist network, rejected the group was behind the attack.

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