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Afghanistan and Russia to create military-technical cooperation committee

Afghanistan-and-Russia-military-committeeThe Afghan and Russian defense officials have agreed to establish a military-technical cooperation committee in a bid to jointly combat international terrorism.

According to reports, the agreement was reached during a meeting between the acting Afghan defense minister Masoom Stanikzai and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu.

“A number of specific steps and issues have been discussed, such as further training of Afghan servicemen in Russia, the exchange of intelligence, and the creation of a joint committee on military-technical cooperation,” Stanekzai quoted by local media said.

Stanikzai further added that the two countries want to combine their efforts in the fight against the international terrorism.

“The meeting was rather successful, amicable. We discussed the fight against international terrorism with the Russian defense minister, we found points of contact and we realized that the absence of stability and security in Afghanistan’s territory may threaten the region with instability,” added.

The Ministry of Defense officials in Kabul confirmed that a meeting was organized between the Afghan and Russian officials to discuss military cooperation between Kabul and Moscow.

The meeting was organized on the sideline of the 5th International Security Conference in Moscow which was attended by over 500 politicaians and military leaders of the world. -KP


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