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Afghanistan adds ‘Nationality’ and ‘Ethnicity’ to help launch e-ID cards distribution

Afghan-E-ID-cardsThe Afghan government has brought changes in the controversial Article of Population Registration Act which was barring the distribution of electronic Identification (e-ID) cards.

The changes in Article 6 of the Act have been incorporated during a meeting of the Law Committee of the Afghan Cabinet.

The Office of the Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said the Nationality and Ethnicity of the e-ID card holder will be printed on the cards based on the new amendments.

The government will start distribution of e-ID cards once the Afghan parliament approves the Population Registration Act with the new amendments, according to a statement by the Office of the Second Vice President.

The distribution of e-ID cards was expected to launch around 5 years ago but the process has always been facing obstacles, including the addition of ‘Nationality’ and ‘Ethnicity’ as well as other issues.

The e-ID cards are expected to resolve the majority of security issues as well as helping the government to organize a free, fair and transparent election.

The project is estimated to cost around $100 million to launch the system with earlier reports suggesting the main international donors have decided to withdraw payments for the launch of the system.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Second Vice President said the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology have pledged full support to launch distribution of the e-ID cards. -KP


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