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Afghan Taliban attempts to attract China support in their campaign

Taliban467The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan is attempting to attract China’s support in their ongoing bloody campaign in Afghanistan which has entered to its 15th year with the civilians paying a hefty price of the ongoing violence.

According to a Taliban leader quoted in a report by Pakistan’s The Express “I can confirm that our delegation had visited China to discuss matters between both countries. They discussed the invasion in the region and to adopt a joint stance against the malicious policies of the invading countries.”

The Taliban leader further added “Policies of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) about the region and the world also came under discussion,” a Taliban official told The Express Tribune on the condition of anonymity.

The official did not make any comment on the possibility of peace talks between the group and the Afghan government. But sources familiar with the visit said both sides “explored prospects” for a political dialogue as Beijing could be an ‘honest broker’ to start the peace process.

This comes as China has stepped up efforts to play a key role in the region amid deteriorating security situation.

China was one of the four members of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group which was formed to revive the Afghan peace talks.

Besides, China has stepped up direct government to government support and has pledged over $70 million in military aid to Afghanistan.

The country delivered its first batch of military aid to Afghanistan last month, a move which reportedly sparked concerns among the Taliban leadership. -KP


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