Afghan refugee sets self on fire in Germany

afghan-migrant-set-himself-ablazeGERMANY: An Afghan asylum seeker has set himself on fire in Germany due to unknown reasons, leaving serious burns over his body, it has been reported.

The incident reportedly took place at a Supermarket located in Bavaria state in southeast of Germany.

According to the police authorities, the man poured gasoline on his body as he was carrying a knife and set himself on fire.

The officials said the 19-year-old man’s life was saved by the other people in the Supermarket.

The police authorities have said it is yet not clear why the man set himself on fire and for what purposes he was carrying a knife.

This comes as the Afghan asylum seekers are facing considerable issues in the European countries, mostly with their asylum applications besides thousands others are stranded in the eastern European countries.

Earlier, reports emerged from Greece suggesting that young Afghan refugees to turn to prostitution due to an uncertain fate and severe poverty they face.

On the other hand, dozens of Afghan migrants were deported from Germany and other European countries late in the month of December last year with reports suggesting the step was taken in line with an agreement reached with the Afghan government.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans left for Europe last year amid deteriorating security situation in the country.

Scores of the migrants lost their lives on the way to Europe by going through the most dangerous routes, including the Iranian land route and the Turkish waters. -KP


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