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Afghan photo journalist dies with family members in Turkish coast

Afghan-journalist-drowned-off-in-Turkish-coastAn Afghan photo journalist has drowned off Turkish coast along with his family members as they tried to reach Europe, putting the number of journalists to 9 died since the start of the year.

An organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, NAI, reported that the photo journalist, Feroz Muzafari’s boat capsized as he was on his way to Europe.

Calling the death of Muzafari a major loss to media in Afghanistan, NAI, said the family members of Muzafari also drowned off the Turkish coast and their dead bodies were recently taken back to Kabul where they laid to rest.

NAI expressed concerns regarding the growing number of Afghans leaving the country due to deteriorating security situation, uncertain future, lack of employment and corruption, mainly heading towards the European countries by passing through dangerous routes.

According to NAI, over 250 reporters and media activists have left the country during the past two years, which includes 70 journalists from Balkh province only.

The organization warned that the growing number of media activists leaving the country will have a negative impact on media sector of the country, urging the government of national unity to take necessary steps in ensuring security of the journalists and media activists. -KP

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