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‘Afghan people’s sacrifices should not be ignored’

kabul mosque attackKABUL: The National Solidity of Afghanistan, a political party through a declaration reacted to new US strategy for Afghanistan, with hope that this strategy could bring peace and stability in the country and in the region.

For the first time it has been acknowledged that Pakistan is safe hideout for the terrorist groups, and Islamabad asked to help US in suppressing terrorists, but unfortunately, in this strategy, there is no tool that could force Pakistani authorities to shun supporting terrorists. For example there have been no reminders of the cessation of US aid to Islamabad, and a deadline to stop supporting terrorists, the declaration added.

In US strategy, the sacrifices of Pakistani people have been praised in the past for combating terrorism and extremis, but the losses that the Afghan security forces and the people of Afghanistan have been contributed to the fight against terrorism have not be recalled, the party added.

The Afghan people are in the frontline of the global war with terrorisms, and their sacrifices should not be ignored.

Moreover, in the new strategy, there is no reference to the role of United Nations and regional countries such as China, Russia and Iran, while capacities under these countries must have used in political processes in the interest of peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region. Moreover, United States emphasized India’s growing role in Afghanistan, in which Pakistan and India rivalries would increase in Afghanistan.

New strategy also indicated that Washington is looking salutation to the problems of Afghanistan through military means, and doesn’t importance to other options. In that case, Afghanistan would be remained as a permanent battlefield in the region.

The increase of foreign troops is also not cleared in the strategy. Whether these troops would be from US military, or private security companies, or a combination of both?

They party added, any decision in this regard requires the consent of the people of Afghanistan, because any decision beyond what is mentioned in the security agreement should be approved by the people of Afghanistan.

At the end, the National Solidity Party asked United States to clarify the vague terms of the announced Afghan strategy.

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