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Afghan MP Hanafi under fire for controversial interview about rape


A video purportedly showing parts of an interview with the Afghan MP and Cleric Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi has put him under fire as the video has rapidly gone viral on the internet.

The video shows a female foreign reporter asking questions from Qazi Hanafi regarding violence against women.

The reporter apparently faces a harsh response from Hanafi as she asks ‘What if a husband rapes his wife? Is that domestic abuse? Should the man be punished or should the woman be punished?’

In response, Hanafi asks the reporter to clarify rape and the reporter responds saying ‘If he forces sex upon his wife’.

The remarks apparently infuriates Hanafi as he responds saying ‘There is a kind of rape you have and another kind we have in Islam.”

MP Qazir Nazir Ahmad

Hanafi harshly asks the reporter to stop and continues to his remarks saying ‘Maybe I should give you to an Afghan man to take your nose off’.

However, Hanafi has rejected that he has harshly behaved with the reporter and told Radio Free Europe in an interview that the video could have been manipulated. -KP



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