Afghan military ready to respond to artillery shelling from Pakistan: Gulab Mangal

Nangarhar-military-council-meetingKABUL: The provincial council in eastern Nangarhar province called a meeting following persistent artillery shelling by Pakistan.

The provincial police commandment said the meeting was also attended by the security chief Gen. Syed Gul Aqa Roohani and other high level provincial officials.

The meeting concluded with local security officials saying full military preparations have been considered to respond to the aggression.

Provincial governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal said the security forces are prepared to intervene in a bid to prevent the artillery shelling but he said the provincial government prefers to resolve the issue through diplomatic means.

 According to the local government officials, the heavy artillery shelling was launched days after the security forces launched a major operations, Shaheen-25, to suppress the insurgents in this province.

The officials further added that nearly 400 artillery rounds have been fired on Lalpur district so far and at least four children have been wounded.

Provincial officials also added that the shelling has resulted into displacement of around 300 families although the number of displaced people and losses could be higher.


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