Afghan and Indian leaders inaugurated the landmark Salma Dam in Herat


The landmark Salma Dam project was inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghan President Mohammad
Ashraf Ghani in western Herat province of Afghanistan today.

The project has been executed and implemented by WAPCOS Ltd, a Government of India Undertaking under ministry of Water
Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation.

“Afghanistan & India have long and continued relations & today millions of ties bind our nations together,” President Ghani said in his speech during the inauguration ceremony of the dam.

President Ghani further added “Today with your help a long standing dream of Afghanistan has been realized after 40 years.”

Thanking the Afghan government for renaming the dam to Afghan-India Friendship Dam, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a region will be enlightened with the launch of the project and will give hope to its residents.

Modi further added that the dam will not only generate electricity but will create optimisms and trust among the Afghan people.

He said the dam will be enlighten 250,000 homes and will irrigate 640 villages in Herat proivnce.

According to Modi, the Afghan and Indian people had envisioned the project in 1970s but the project has been completed after the country went through decades of war and conflict.

The Salma Dam project which has been renamed as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam has been built with the financial
support of India.

The government of India has invested nearly $300 million for the construction of the Dam.

The Dam is a Multipurpose project planned for generating 42 MW of power, irrigation of 75000 hectares of land. -KP


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