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‘Aapka swagat hai mere dost’, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Modi

PM ModiNEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday arrived at the Ben Gurion airport on a three-day visit to Israel, where he will have a dinner date with PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel.

Ahead of Modi’s visit, Israel supported India “hook, line and sinker” on the issue of terrorism emanating from Pakistan and within the country.

Noting that both India and Israel suffer from the “evil” forces of terrorism, deputy director general of Israel’s foreign ministry Mark Sofer said outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Hamas were no different from each other and both countries have the right to defend themselves.

Modi’s visit to Israel has received wall-to-wall coverage in the Israeli media, which has described it as a historic development that will help de-hyphenate New Delhi’s relations with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu called the visit, which marks 25 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations, a “further expression of the state of Israel’s military, economic and diplomatic strength.”

“This is a very significant step in strengthening relations between the two countries,” the Israeli leader said.

Over the next two days, 13 CEOs of Israeli companies will interact with 18 Indian CEOs to hammer out new business deals.

The India-Israel CEOs forum are likely to sign a number of MoU in areas of defence, agriculture, irrigation and information technology. -ht & ANI

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