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A peaceful society

A society is the name of place where an organized group of persons used to live together, even belong to different castes and religion. A peaceful society is that type of society where people use to live with each other but they do not differentiate one another on the basis of religion and caste whatever it may be. If condition of any society is decorated with peace and love and harmony then the people use to live, will feel happy and satisfied. As according to the famous English poet,”If a person is happy and satisfied with his life then the nature will look to him beautiful because nature is the lap of mother and everyone feel comfortable in it. Let’s now focus on the societies of Pakistan. The main problem which creates disturbance in the way of peace is the conflict of religion and caste. Pakistan is a democratic country and every one has own right to live his/her own life according to his/her own wishes but not above the established laws. According to the founder of Pakistan Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, “Now you are free to go to any place of worship in Pakistan. He was also said that,” now there is no Punjabi, Pathan, Sindi, Balochi among us, but we are now only Pakistani. Then question arises that why we are killing one another on the basis of religion? According to the famous writer, Do not say that Shia kills Sunni or Sunni kills Shia, say that criminal kills the human. There are certain type of conditions which can provide us a satisfied and peaceful society such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom for the environment, freedom of wishes and freedom from fear.

As we know that all the fingers of a hand are not the same in length but of different size, length etc. Same is the case with a peaceful society, there will be different type of people use to live and they will belong from different religion in a same society. So their religion will be having different beliefs, their life standard, their moral values, their culture difference and practices. So as we do not cut the fingers although they are different from each other, same is the case with religion, it will be different but we should need to treat them like a humans.

At last I would like to say, that peace in the societies will not be able by force, but with understanding. One more thing is that we should need to be like a doctor who do not ask about the religion from the patient.

Atta ur Rehman, Department of English language and literature, Gomal University D.I.Khan

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