2 more Afghan translators of British forces face deportation from UK

Afghan-translators-face-deportation-in-UKDays after a tragic incident in United king involving the suicide of a former Afghan translator who had served with the British forces in Afghanistan, two more translators are facing deportation after receiving warnings from the authorities.

According to the local media reports, the two translators who have previously served with the British forces in Afghanistan have applied for UK asylum after fleeing Taliban and paying people-smugglers to bring to Europe.

The two translators were arrested and held at immigration centres before being released and told they could be deported to the first European country where they were fingerprinted, according to MailOnline.

This comes as a former British forces translator, 29-year-old Nangyalai Dawoodzai, committed suicide after his application was rejected by the British authorities.

He was reportedly suffering from severe depression as he was told by the British authorities that he would be deported.

His service with the British forces as a translator in the restive Helmand province had reportedly put his life at risk as the Taliban group was repeatedly threatening him, a threat which normally the Afghan citizens are receiving from the group for working with the foreign forces.

According to MailOnline, Dawoodzai’s death has sparked fresh support for the Daily Mail’s Betrayal of the Brave campaign to give sanctuary to the men who were the eyes and ears of UK frontline troops.

Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, former head of the Armed Forces, said the policy on Afghan interpreters ‘shamed Britain’.

The campaign – supported by a petition signed by nearly 180,000 people, including military chiefs, soldiers and MPs – has revealed how interpreters have been shot dead or beaten. Their homes have been attacked and their children kidnapped and murdered. -KP


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