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$179 million Kabul housing project to be ready in coming weeks

Al-Qasaba-Housing-ProjectKABUL: A major housing project in Kabul city is due to complete and will become ready for use in the next couple of weeks, the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) said Thursday.

The project, Al-Qasaba Housing Project, has been constructed with the financial resources of Abu Dhabi fund with a cost of $179 million.

The Minister of Urban Development and Housing Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi chaired a meeting today to discuss the work of the project with the contracting companies.

The officials of Trojan company as well as the subcontractors of the project attended the meeting and promised to complete the remaining work in coming two weeks.

Al-Qasaba Housing Project is one of the major housing projects in the country which is being implemented with the financial support of United Arab Emirates.

Naderi meeting contractors and subcontractors

The project is covering an area of 269 hectares in Qasaba area of the city which contains 111 blocks and 3,330 apartments.

The construction work of the project started in 1392 solar year which is equivalent to 2012, providing job and work opportunities for 4000 citizens of the country.

According to MUDA officials, the housing project contains all urban facilities, including roads, water supply, green area, schools, higher education institutes, clinics and other social facilities. -KP


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