Who is Gul Khan and why he needs to change today?

Sami Ma kawa“Gul Khan” is a new cultural and political term in the Pashtun areas of Pakistan, especially on social media. The name Gul Khan usually stands for nativity and silliness. These days, however, the title Gul Khan is a taunt against fellow Pashtuns who are so over-dosed on Pakistani nationalism that they hardly participate in the struggle for obtaining rights. Improvement in education, welfare, social affairs, hard infrastructure and other developmental sectors are hardly ever on Gul Khan’s mind. Instead, Gul Khan is high on vicious Pak nationalism that sees an enemy in every corner both inside the country and abroad.

In the 21st Century, when the world has turned into a globalized system where the “One click, Go Global” concept has spread, the great Gul Khans in the Pakistani Pashtun belt are still stranded in a thought process against their own best interests. To blame are the core narrative pushed in the Pakistan educational syllabi for turning a normal Khan into a GUL KHAN.

When you observe a so-called educated Gul Khan, you suspect as if the falsified dream of the poet Iqbal, the 14 points of Jinnah, the concocted Two Nation Theory of Ayub, and the much-celebrated Resolution of Pakistan had been designed especially for our Gul Khanis while the rest of the state seems to have got nothing to do with them. A Gul Khan will never understand that his mother and father did not raise him to post nasty videos on social media against fellow Pashtuns, to issue empty threats to the Indian PM Narendra Modi or the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan for his movie Phantom. His parents did not send him to school and college to call this the mission of his life. Instead, he was supposed to improve his family and community. He was supposed to speak for the illiterate people in his neighbourhood; for people who had been voiceless for generations because they never had an education. He was supposed to speak truth to the people who rule him, not people in faraway place who have nothing to do with him.

But it is very difficult to make Gul Khan realize that chanting green-blood slogans against fellow Pashtuns over the Pak-Afghan clash on Torkham is not what he is supposed to be doing. He is supposed to be doing the opposite. You can’t make Gul Khan realize that he is simply being manipulated emotionally into roaring and snorting like an animal for a country that doesn’t respect him for being from the Pashtun ethnicity. They don’t even call him Pashtun. They call him a freaking Pathan, a word so foreign to Pashto that he cannot even pronounce it properly.

Gul Khan will not understand that Mahmood Khan Achakzai was right when he spoke so bravely in the parliament or when he spoke to Voice of America when he said Pakhtunkhwa was a Pashtun-Afghan land. That is a historical fact. Mahmood Khan speaks from history but since the Gul Khans do not know any history other than that shoved at them in Pak Studies at schools and newspapers, they will not stop accusing Mahmood Khan of being a traitor.

Gul Khan’s narrow outlook will not broaden unless we decimate the ideas a Pakistani education and the media propaganda has stuffed into the dark depths of his mind and soul. Gul Khan often has no choice but to escape to the Middle East to earn some bread for his poor family because his own Pashtun belt in Pakistan has nothing but Pak-sponsored jihad to offer him, since the state of Pakistan chooses to use his ancestral land for a cowardly obsession called ‘strategic depth’. So sitting in his overcrowded dwelling in a Mideast country, Gul Khan is furiously busy uploading videos issuing mad threats and spewing poison and hatred toward imagined enemies including those struggling for the rights of the Pashtun community.

On a recent bright afternoon, I had a conversation with one such died-in-wool Gul Khan about the stability of Pakistan and the instability of the Pashtun belt in Pakistan. He finally snapped, as a Gul Khan always will. “Those who have some sense of belonging to their soil will not criticize the policies of the state. The country is meant to improve the lives of its citizens”, he said. He cannot hear criticism about the policies of his perfect army. “Dude! Take some tea”, I said. I knew it would take a long time before the truth grows in his mind.

Let me attempt to make His Majesty Gul Khan realize that starting from 1948, when scores of Pashtuns were killed during the massacre of Babarra, to the most recent attack on lawyers in Quetta, Pashtuns have been suffering a veritable genocide. In the Babarra massacre, 1000 Pashtuns were killed at point blank range and more than 1300 were injured. We know how 141 Pashtuns including 132 school kids were killed in the Army Public School. Do not forget how 22 students were massacred in Bach Khan University just because the university is named after a Pashtun icon. Was that not an attack on the very identity and political struggle of Pashtuns? These are just three examples. There are thousands more. And now, once again, we are witnessing the painful consequences of a massacre of educated Pashtun lawyers in Quetta. Can you even count how many times our Pashtun national political leadership, even religious political leadership, has come under attack and how many hundreds of them have been killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, and southern Pakhtunkhwa?

Dear Gul Khan, if you had just a little sense in you, you would not be waving that green flag in the face of wounded Pashtuns. Besides, dear Gul Khan, know this. You will never be accepted as a true Pakistani. This state is hard-wired not to trust a Pashtun since its very inception. You will never be considered an equal citizen.

In the end, let me remind you that the imposition of Taliban on Pashtun areas is also a strategic tactic of your policy makers in Rawalpindi. Taliban in Swat and then in Waziristan could have been either in Muzzafar Ghar and Multan but they were not, were they? They were and are here in our areas because we are not just Gul Khans of the Pak nationalist type. We are also Gul Khans of the Islamic type. We take bleeding-green patriotism as a part of faith but consider it a heresy to think the best for our Pashtun nation. All this Taliban militancy has been a business for the policy makers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Despite all that has happened, there is still time for Gul Khan to realize the truth about why our areas are under such circumstances. It is high time for Gul Khan to stop tearing his throat screeching against his own people. We request him to stop for a moment and critically analyse his views. It is time for him to think about his neighbourhood, village, town, history and best interests. Struggle for your own people instead of fighting against imagined enemies created by the masters of the state. Your enemies are those that deny you your real share of the resources. Your security, electricity, water, mineral, agricultural products, and your economy in Pakhtunkhwa. Your enemies are those supporting and enabling the constant jihadist militancy in your area.

Personally, I will never raise a slogan of support for anyone I know is responsible for bloodshed in my land. I will never chant for someone who destroys my people, my land, my history, and my culture. Gul Khan, stop being fooled by people who manipulate our politics to their benefit and to our harm. Wake up Gul Khan!

Writer: Sami Khan

The writer has an M.Phil degree in European Studies. He is a Pashtun social activist and currently residing in Dubai. He tweets @Xaaami 



  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    Brilliant. A true reflection of what the embattled and war wary Pashtun have been suffering under the
    Punjabi establishment ,its brutal military ,murderous isi for the last 70 years. Even all of British imperialism was not near as catastrophic as the calculated butchery and ethnic genocide of the illigitimate military junta of Punjabi Raj. Pashtun must now awake and become proactive or they will become the next victims of this murderous Punjabi Terrorist army. The world must take note of the systematic massacres of innocent Pashtun civillians by the Punjabi army and endorsed by its establshment. The Punjabi generals should also be made to stand trial in the international Criminal Court for their culpability in the slaughter of innocent Pashtun. The Punjabi elite nor their army and isi should be allowed to get away with the genocide of Pashtun and Baluch. This is a facist Apartheid racist Punjabi state , mowing down the minorities non dtop for 70 years. Raheel Shareef.Asif Bajwa need to stand trial in the hague.

  2. A very well written article in brilliant way. Pushtoon needs a sincere leadership and some intellectuals like the writer of this article.

  3. A good and rational analysis of many pashtun in the name of gul khan. We are in Saudi Arabia and you have not seen our gul khans here their unique philosophy and their approach to the requirements of the 21st century. E.g they say very confidentiality that it is Pakistani agencies who saved turkey in recent days (2)it is Pakistani army who hold israel from conquering the Muslim world (3)any big project in Saudi Arabia they see with out any hesitation they say it is made by qadir khan you mentioned aps and bacha khan university attacks but you know gul khan approach he says that their is hidden benefits of Pakistan no one knew except isi. Dear brother the story is very long and I am unable to convince these gul khans.

  4. This writer is neither Pushtun nor he has to do anything with the welfare of Puashtuns. He does not know the history. He is one of those that tell Pushtuns that Afghanistan is the only option for you because you are a Pushtun and India, o yes, you must love Naridra Modi, Gahndi and likes because you are Pushtun. As a Pushtun, you are not supposed to think but to submit to Kabul and Delhi. No Sami Khan or Samir Khanna whatever your name maybe, you want us to submit and we are not going to do that. Call us whatever you want, but you will not get your way. The reason for ignore button are following:
    1) Joining Afghanistan is not an option for us. Afghanistan has never been a Country. It was created by the two great powers of the time, Soviet Union and British Empire. In making Afghanistan, they lumped together bunch of nationalities without any regard for their wishes and disposition. The current state of Afghanistan was born not by consensus but by need of neighboring states.
    2) Current Pushtun population of Afghanistan is around 13,750,117 (2016) or thirteen million and current population in Pakistan is 30,699,037 (2008) that is about three times more than Afghan Pushtun Population and equal to total Afghan Population.
    3) In Afghanistan Pushtuns is a dominant group but only in numbers. Pushtuns masses were kept uneducated. Pushtuns are still a deprived group. When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, most of poor Pushtuns took refuge in Pakistan. A very small number of Pushtuns went to Europe or the US. A 65% of the Afghan refugees to the US were Tajiks. How is that possible?
    4) During the Pushtun kings’ rule, the bureaucracy was predominantly Tajik. This is still true. In 2001, Northern Alliance riding on the wave of Taliban hatred consolidated their power base. Although a small ethnic group, Tajik’s control ministry of Defense, ANA and NDS. So much for Pushtun rights. http://ipsnorthamerica.net/print.php?idnews=2707 . Now compare that with Pakistan Defense Forces.
    5) Stephen P. Cohen of the Brookings Institution and Professor Hasan Askari Rizvi of Pakistan, indicates roughly that the Pashtun representation in the army is between 15-22% among officers and between 20-25% among the regular rank-and-file. However, Pashtuns from the NWFP, the third largest province out of four, and tribal areas together comprise only 16% of the country’s overall population.
    6) A more insightful fact is that out of the 11 chiefs of the army, four have been Pashtuns (Generals Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Gul Hasan Khan and Waheed Kakar), leading the institution for a total of 18 years (Dawn, October 13). Two of them imposed martial law and remained presidents of Pakistan. Ayub Khan, the first Pakistani commander-in-chief of the army, remained at the helm of affairs for eight years as army chief (1951-58) and an additional 11 years as head of the country (1958-69) (Dawn, October 13). Ayub Khan also promoted himself to field marshal in 1965 and is credited with developing the army into one of the most resourceful and powerful institutions in the country.
    7) Pushtuns are embedded into Army, Air Force, Navy, Bureaucracy and Pakistani society at large.
    8) Now people like you just barrage in and brother us. How could you be a brother? In 1947, we voted for Pakistan. Hindus wanted us to be Part of India. They campaigned very aggressively with the help of Badshah Khan. Hindus lost and we became Part of Pakistan.
    9) Hindus did not campaign for us to join Afghanistan. There was no mention of word “Pushtunistan,” not in 1945, not in 1946, and not until August 1947.
    10) Afghanistan never showed any love for us until Pakistan came into being. Why not? What changed in late 1947?
    11) Louis Dupree was an Afghan expert. He was in Kabul when Pakistan became a Country. There were Indian Nationals working for Radio Afghanistan. They first time coined the term “Pushtunistan.”
    12) You the living on Afghan sided with India. You became our instant enemies because you loved Hindus.
    13) Do you want me to keep going? If I get into history, your pants will come down. You cannot win our hearts by calling us “Gul Khan.” I bet, if we go on creating names for you, then you will cry foul. Now shut your dirty mouth, take NATO funds and deposit them into your Indian Accounts.
    14) GET LOST.

    • Salute u sir, U don’t imagine how i m happy for ur perfect reply…….. in short THANK U SIR

    • halaka-Gul-Khan-pake gorai

      Gul Khan Day……………

    • Derail the Narratives has been a “Mian course subject” of Gul Khans like You. So it does not make any differences, whatsoever point you make.. They are least sensible. You copy these Points of yours and past them somewhere, You think is ok. But ha make sure the 14th Points is your identity stick to it.

      • Sami Khan at-least reply to IKE Khan points and donot run away?

        • Fazal, you know this guy has no ability to engage in any intellectual conversation. He likes to Bully us into submission. Look at the Afghanistan and Plight of Pushtuns. They are majority but their share in ANA is minuscule. 65% of all immigrants from Afghanistan to the US are Tajkis and they are only 13-14% of Afghan population. They will say things about Pakistan and how things are in bad shape but they will not look at Afghanistan, that is not changed for the last 300 years. Pushtuns are poor, no or little education, no resources, no jobs, and no possibility of making decent living. Imagine 30 Million of us submit to 13 million uneducated tribes? They have destroyed their own Country and now want to destroy ours. Everyday, there are pictures coming out of the borders that poor Afghan Pushtuns are trying to get into Pakistan for medical treatment, trade, food and jobs. The only reason they do that is because their Government cannot possibly provide. The current situation inside Afghanistan is going to continue for foreseeable future, probably another 30 years.

      • Hahaha, Your response is brilliant. You are so highly educated that you could not even copy paste and resorted to name calling. That shows how you was raised with a narrative without reason and logic.

    • Khan Not Gul Khan

      Another Gul Khan with his own logic. We do not say that Afghanistan is the only option or we should join Afghanistan. Sami Khan tells us about those Khans who studied Pakistan Studies books , watched PTV News and think that everything is right. Such Khans does not care for the collective welfare of Pashtuns in Pakistan. They think of their individual benefits and sometime blindly following Pakistani media.

    • IKE Khan you nailed him completely. Good work

    • IKE Khan u need to read the article once more to understand what it’s actually telling u about??

      Your loooong reply proves that how desperately u want to prove that Pashtuns r alright in Pakistan lol

      Let’s ignore this article…. for a minute I’ll accept ur points but even then look at the plight of our Pashtuns in Pakistan…they r dying everyday…I don’t care what u said…I am only concerned about the results??
      Why only Pashtuns?? Why?
      Where is the no.1 army?
      Huh… If they can’t protect us then they must stop messing with neighbouring countries
      We have to raise our voice against their policies toward our neighbouring countries
      If army is incompetent then don’t mess around :@


  5. Muhammad Shariq Khan Nangyalay

    Lovely overview of the current state of our minds, praiseworthy,
    i personally think that education setup and curriculum propagated throughout the country is the core cause for such mental backwardness and leanings towards a despotic government and policies over the decades. thank u for writing a wake up articles , thank u ThePashtunTimes too for featuring it

  6. Dear Gul Khan….You who you are because you are a Pathan first and then a Pakistani. I am a Mehsud from South Waziristan and I do not agree to your sweeping statement trying to represent all pushtuns. By the way very convenient for you to give statements while liv8ng in middle east using Pakistani Passport.

    • JB Khan Mehsud! You are that Gul Khan, i have written things about .. Trust me.

    • JB Khan Mehsud, People like this Sami Khan who are married to a narrative. They have stuck in the past and still think some Afghan King is going to wake up from his grave and bring us our lost glory. He wants us the Pakistan Pustuns (30+ Million) to submit to Afghan Pushtuns (13 Millions). When he cannot get his way he starts name calling. If you write something countering him, he will say two things: 1) Copy paste and 2) Gul Khan. By copy paste he means that no one is educated and no one can write except him. He is still an M. Phil Student at the age of 55. Seriously, that is how old he looks. He subject is “European Studies.” He could not find a topic close to Pushtuns or maybe he was so brilliant that he was rejected for any and every reasonable subject. I bet he is been writing this Article for the last 5 years. By calling us Gul Khan he shows his contempt for us. That is partly because he has no ability to convince and/or persuade. Persuasion is an art and this guy does not have it. His empty head with mush from European studies got to him and he start thinking of himself as an Einstein. We the Pakistani Pushtuns are not going to submit to a 55 year old student who is studying something that has no value for Pushtuns.

      • Lolnice reply indeed. Us ba jawab na darkai.
        Nationalyano sara chi behes ke..no zar owai..za ta punjabe ye ..ta na poyigi ;).
        They want to join Afghanistan for one purpose… so that they and their family can rule pashtuns as a country instead of just as a province. Its all about power and money. Otherwise Pakistan has not deterred any pashtun from achieving what ever he wants… just goto islamabad and Pahtuns gov employwws are far more in numbers than their populations.

        • Rishtia waye, In Pakistan, our Pushtun areas do not have much resources, mostly mountains. But if you go to Peshwar Vale and Punjab there is lot of fertile land and you will see Pushtuns everywhere. Yes there are laborers but then there are big landlords. You probably know the PTI Secretary General Jehngir Tareen, he is as Pushtun, and also a big landlord. Nissan Pakistan is owned by Khattak family. There have been Chiefs of Army staffs, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Gul Hassan, Abdul Waheed Kakar, and numerous Lt Generals, Air Chiefs, Air Marshalls like Noor Khan, Asghar Khan, Abdul Rahim Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Anwar Shamim and Abbas Khattak. President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was a Pushtun. The first President of Muslim League was a Pushtun. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan the nuclear Scientist is a Pushtun. If Imran Khan’s PTI wins he would be next Prime Minister of Pakistan. ANP and their Masters on the other side of the border want us to opt for stone age. We are not going to do that.

          • Ala Sumra Rishteya wai da IKE Khan… razey che Gul khanan shu tool lollzzzz….. Mong la Imran Khani Pakar da… che da Punjab da MOfadato pa charey mo halal ki ao mong warta ado chaga o nawaho.

            I never understand the psychology of Gul Khan, how deeply rooted the germs of being so called Pakistaniyat in their heads. That made them unable to analysis and notice the surrounding situations and ground realities. How vigorously they are brainwashed che har Pukhtun dosta warta warta dukhman khkari… in fact 24/7 chalta pirta PTV. Der Afsoos Gul Khanano. Hats Up, Thumbs Up and Love You sami for portraying Gul Khan that was never described before..

        • Demographically 41% population of Rawalpindi & Islamabad are ethnically Pashtoons . and Even more then 50% of the buziness belongs to pashtoon mostly of the Tribal areas .. Karachi is the Biggest Pashtoon city in the world . The biggest Industrialist of Lahore is also tribal pashtoon . there are alot of things and evident which proves that the Pashtoons living trough out The Pakistan specially in Punjab and Sindh are the Most happiest and sound . and the whole country is open for them with out any discrimination .. people with Sick mind call them Gul khan .. actually they are Idiot Khanss ,, lobbing for Indians Russians and The enemies of all of us.

  7. This is typical backlash of Pakistan haters, who mainstreaming of Pashtoons as a death knell to their Indian supported agenda. Since they fail to come up with valid arguments, they now resort to taunting like a woman scorned. Pashtoon now runs through the veins of Pakistan and vice versa… No amount of propaganda by the remains of Ghaffar and Wali would turn Pashtoons against their beloved Pakistan whom they voted for with an overwhelming majority. That defeat is difficult to forget for these so called nationalists….

    • Would you mind telling me, when should i come at your place, to get my “Patriotic Certification”?

    • Sami Khan is a lost soul. The mentality of 55 year old Student is such that he sold his soul to Modi’s clan. Nange Adam Nanage Deen Nange Watan.

  8. Well what can we expect from a person who has his M.Phil in “European” studies, and his knowledge based on social media trolling.
    I wonder one thing why do we have Gul Khans and Gul Marjans in our lines, Gul Marjans want Gul khans to sacrifice their lives for the cause Gul Marjans believe in instead of what Gul Khan himself believe in.

    Gul Marjans follow only the statements of Achakzai or Asfandyar which are liked by them and hide the actions that contradict their own words.

    I am not in for such useless debate of who is Gul Khan and who is Gul Marjan and who is right and who is wrong. If my poor naive Pukhtoon was not in greed of money nobody would have harmed us.

    My simple question is that What Gul Marjans want from Gul Khans?

    Do they have some solid plans for it?
    Have they or will they participate in the actions they ask Gul Khans’ for physically?

    • Good point.
      when the time for action comes ..these nationalidts fill their pockets and no real actions for Common pashtuns. Da ANP 5 kala dour ye ghat saboot de.

  9. Gul Khan = who loves Naswar Gul Khan= loves to serve the Punjabis as a driver and gatekeeper in Lahore and karachi
    Gul Khan = who loves Punjabi more than his OWN parents
    Gul Khan = who thinks Punjab is a holy land and Punjabis are more superior and sacred people than the gul khans
    Gul Khan = who think the term ”Afghan” is an insult, while he loves to be called Khan saabbb the terrorist
    Gul Khan = who has been brainwashed by a subject called Pak-study, taught in his schools written by the Punjabis to make gul khans more fool
    Gul Khan = Never accepts any fact that shows the real face of Pokistan, no matter if you prove him the fact.

  10. Dr.Haroon Nasir Khattak

    A friend mentioed that Pashtoon needs a sincere leader .. my submission is that how much more a sincere leader than Baacha Khan would be to lead Pashtoons ? The real setback that we had at the time of Partition was that we were not supported by the Congress to an extent to have got an Autonomous status .. Had we been not divided into FATA..Balochee Pashtoons and NWFP Pashtoons , we would not have been like this .. The British wanted friends to leave in this piece of land before leavivg , for future references ; and no one better than Muslim League could have been there . So instead of giving autonomy ,Pashtoon was bound to select India or Pakistan .. Hence Pakistan was selected , which was a common sense thing .. And we were now controled by 03 different offices in hands of Muslim League .. One for FATA , One for NWFP and One for Pashtoons in Balochistan .. A hell of injustice prevailing till date .. If we get united (the 03 chunks)we can do far better than we are doing today .. then we , by virtue of our streangth in National Assembly can fetch more benefits and funds .. because we will be having more seats there .. To convince Gul Khans we need to have a sober , pure and determined Nationalist government in chair in Pashtoonkhwa .. A government whose Minister could never be implicated in any corruption .. A government who is purely Nationalist .. who serve Pashtoons and not only Khaans of Pashtoons ..who makes no difference between a Khan and a Dehqaan .. Such setup is the cry of the day and its time to take a start with a determination of Now or Never .. Come on Pashtoon Leaders it’s Time .. Come on sit together and evolve a mechanism to unite all Pashtoon of the motherland ..And then see the difference …

  11. Great piece Sami Khan, hope you will keep the writing in both languages and start in Pashto too. Keep it up.

  12. spot on…!

  13. Gul Marjan is living in some romantic whimsy that has nothing to do with the reality on the ground. Gul Khan remembers the days when Gul Marjan had presumed himself to be a true “Sindhu” and was supporting those who wanted to turn him into an insignificant minority. He also witnesses those days when Gul Marjan was dreaming to become “Gul Marjanofe”. Gul Khan is too clear-sighted and too intelligent to be deceived by Gul Marjan’s ineffective propaganda. He knows that he is neither superior nor inferior to other people around him especially Allah Ditta who wears dhoti and speak Punjabi. Gul Khan loves his country and wouldn’t betray it.

    • Da ANP tash dratay awray

      Spot on Sajid Khana & IKE Khan. To all the GUL BABOZ’ We can stand for our rights and know exactly how to get them but obviously you are not liking the logical replies you are getting. Your notions are restricted to some parts in north of KP and that too was rejected by people of KP in elections after witnessing ANP’s plundering of wealth. Kohat onwards towards south nobody gives a shit about Nationalyaan. Bloody Easy load supporters. Your pashtun leaders masquerades as sympathizers but in reality they are hypocrites.

  14. the word GUL KHAN should be GHUL KHAN…….

  15. Gull khan’s are not happy 😀 😀 😀

  16. It is brilliant and now it needs to be in practice for everyone…..

  17. what the writer didnt wrote is that the so called pashtun nationalists actually wanted to join india where pashtuns formed just 1.5% of the total population. the theories of pashtunistan and loy afghanistan were invented later. apart from the vast majority of pashtuns, the non pashtuns of kpk and pashto speaking gujar kasabgar hindki kohistani syed mian shaikh jat etc have no interest in the racist ideologies of these “nationalists”.

  18. Thank you IKE khan , you wrote what i would have written and as expected the writer had no answers to those logical points you raised. Nationalists are as big liers as Pakistan study books are.
    Nationalyano chi da pukhtun history ki somra darogh wai domra sok na wai , sirf naray ghati ghati wahi..chi mong da huqoq jang kaoo. And in reality when the nationalists got an oppurtunity they made billions for themselves and for their fellow pushtuns they just had the change of name of KPK as a lollypop.
    Pashtuns have achieved much more in Pakistan , those who couldnt they just rais a natiinalist flag and cry their throat out against Pakistan.

  19. Syed Ali Khan Shah

    What a racist article.

    Pashtuns whom are proud pakistani is their choice. Stupid Pashtun nationalists need to shut the hell up.

    Our identity is Islam. taking pride in your race leads you to one road (Jahannam).

    Pakistan and islam zindabad

    don’t let Shaytan taunt you

    and the Durrand Line? that is a fairy tale….

  20. Kela Kegai Ma Ghul Khanano

    Mr. Syed Ali Khan Shah, Islam is your identity? Bending over to USA and NATO and allowing them to use your “holy Islamic soil” against fellow Muslims, selling your Muslim brothers and sisters to kafir for a reward, is this your Islam? If so then to hell with you all. You are the very shaytan at work trying your hardest to satisfy shaytan by fueling as much hatred as you can amongst Pashtuns in general.

    Sami Khana wrora, keep writing what you have to, ignore such dogs known as Ghul Khans, they had their turn they enjoyed enough of Punjabi a$$ licking and seem to be happy doing it so whilst busy surpressing Pashtuns and denying them their basic right to freedom and human rights. Keep writing, the fact that they reply with such animosity is a testimony to how much they are burning inside by being exposed as the true rats of Pashtun nation.

    May Allah bless you.
    Pashtun Unity ❤

  21. Aarif Khan Kundi

    The author is delirious at best. Afghan is a Persian name and I am Proud to be a Muslim Pakistani and a Pushtoon at that. From the Southern districts who do not identify with this Northerner bloke. He should move to Zabul and earn a living there!

  22. Great Article.

  23. Dear Sami (The Writer),

    This is the realities which u wrote. Every Pakhtoon knows very well the reality but the can’t speak. The Majority of the Pakhtoons became Gul Khan’s just of fear, fear and fear.

  24. Better we are gul khans bcz the “khans” are currupt , played in the hands of hindus(1947), russians(1979- 84), and now nato and americans(2002 onwards) .the only suggestion prsented by “khans” in 18th amendment was that “hindu” can become head of the state..

  25. So what makes you different from the others ,if they are intriguingly making them gul khans,you are forcefully making them gul marjans.
    Its theirs choice to choose the desired side of the fence.

  26. Hahahahaha… Gul Khans are everywhere with their “Pak-study” logics…. this man is Qulqula khan also

  27. Syed Ali Khan Shah

    Bullshit ARticle

    85% of the Pashtuns in Pakistan are Gul Khans

    and also, alot of the Pashtuns or Gul Khans in Pakistan are having a high status and enjoying life being Pakistanis

    PAshtun nationalists are just making meaningless statements.

  28. Syed Ali Khan Shah

    When Pakistani Pashtuns forget Pashto and learn Urdu/Punjabi as their first language, this will be the only time Pakistan will accept them

    the only difference would be looks. Pashtuns are lighter in color than Punjabis but a few dark pashtuns can pass off punjabis, but within a few generations, what Pakistan wants to do is to have the death of the Pashtun nation by mixing them with the other cultures of Pakistan, especially the punjabi majority.

    Same story with the Mohajir community in Karachi, so many of them have mixed with the pakistani majority, no one knows the differene between punjabi pakistnais and urdu speaking mohajirs since so many pakistani parents have been raising their kids to speak urdu instead of punjabi, rest in peace Altaf hussein and MQM :). Pakistan just wants to be a melting pot. Want to keep your culture? come to afghanistan, Afghanistan is a cultural mosaic (not really, they just want to force every non-Pashtun in Afghanistan to become Pashtun).

  29. RUBBISH.WE ARE SON OF SOIL AND NOT AFPAK.i am Punjab born and born basd pushtun.whats my name in your dictionary.

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