‘We cannot fight Afghanistan’s war on our soil’ says Sartaj Aziz

Sartaj-Aziz-2ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Sunday said the United States wants Pakistan to act against the Afghan Taliban but “Pakistan cannot fight Afghanistan’s war on its own soil”.

In an interview with the state-owned Pakistan Television (PTV), Aziz maintained that US authorities have the “misconception” that Pakistan is backing certain Taliban groups or the Haqqani network, while in reality Pakistan has effectively demolished their whole infrastructure during Operation Zarb-i-Azb.

“Most of the groups fighting in Afghanistan are fighting from within Afghanistan, but the perception persists that Pakistan should take action against them,” said Aziz.

Answering a question regarding the peace dialogue, the foreign affairs adviser stated that Pakistan had succeeded in forming the Quadrilateral Co-ordination Group (QCG) during last year’s Heart of Asia Conference and the group had formed a good working mechanism.

“Our viewpoint was that you (NATO and ISAF) have been fighting for the last 15 years but could not bring peace, now dialogue remains the only option, even if the Taliban cannot occupy Afghanistan they can still continue the fight for years to come.”

He, however, lamented that both Afghan authorities and Taliban are divided over the issue of talks.

“We can only bring Taliban to the negotiating table using our influence, but ultimately Afghanistan has to talk with them, they (Afghan government) should strengthen their position on the ground and secondly they should offer them (Taliban) something which they cannot gain on the battlefield. In the end, the process should be consistent,” Aziz explained.

He expressed hope and stated that if situation on the ground remains favourable for the Afghanistan government, peace talks could start.

In regards to the recent border tensions with Afghanistan, Aziz said, “A strong and regulated border is in the interest of both the countries”.

He added that he hopes visit of Afghanistan’s deputy foreign minister will help resolve the issue on Monday.

‘US wanted to contain Pakistan’s nuclear programme’

The foreign affairs adviser said during the current government’s tenure, the bilateral relations were restored on a larger scale but Pakistan has rejected US pressure on the country’s nuclear programme.

“It is a matter of our national security.”

Aziz added that when the incumbent government came to power, the US-Pakistan relations were at their lowest ebb due to Raymond Davis, Salala attack and the Abbottabad issue, but the present set-up has revived the strategic dialogue with US and urged has the US to extend cooperation with Pakistan on all levels despite a change in US priorities for the region.

“Former president Musharraf in an interview admitted providing them (US authorities) verbal understanding on such strikes in the tribal areas. During PPP’s tenure too, perhaps there collusion with US on it. The current PML-N government has taken a strong stance and gradually such strikes have decreased in frequency.

“In 2010, there were 117 drone strikes, but in 2014 there were only 12 and in this year, only three drone strikes were conducted, we raised our voice on international level on this issue and went to International Human Rights Council” said Aziz.

About China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Aziz stated Pakistan is speedily moving forward on the projects and is aware of all internal and external conspiracies against the corridor. -DN


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  1. Sartaj Aziz speaks?
    It was fascinating to read his policy statement. In our age we do get dementia which is usually accompanied by amnesia. It is the usual practice of Pakistan that in such circumstances a Pashtun is given this responsibility. Throughout the last more than four decades people must have noticed that the Amir of J.I. is selected from Pashtuns with the exception of a short interval when J.I. was headed by Munnawar Hussain.

    When the internal stability is shaky Pakistan goes to war or starts sending cricket teams to divert the attention of the public. It needs word by word reply not to misguide the people, particularly Pashtun.

    In the first line Mr. Aziz says that Pakistan cannot fight U.S. war in Afghanistan. The fact is that Pakistan is fun gating the U.S. & Punjab war on Pashtun belt for the last 4 decades. Initially it was an unholy alliance of “Ahle- Kitab against godless U.S.S.R. The top civil and military and civil elites were preparing for ” thanks giving prayers in Pulle Charkhi. The book of the principal secretary of Israeli P.M. has confessed that the top Military elites invited U.S.A. to fight the unholy war. All Sunni Hizbs were recruited, organised and trained in Pakistan. The most ferocious was Hizbe- Islami a sisterly wing of J.I. Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is on record that 0.5 million AK47 of Egyptian army were replaced by American assault rifle. Why Pakistan was interested to initiate this bloody drama?

    1) To destabilise Kabul regimen.
    2) To get perks in cash and kind to keep on holy war in Kashmir. It is also on record that Pakistan was engaged in three places in India; Kashmir, East Punjab and Bihar.

    3) To strengthen its armed forces and to legitimise the illegitimate govt of Gen. Zia. Zia and Regan nexus and later on Musharraf and Bush nexus is a part of history. Pakistan was accorded concessions of a member of NATO.
    4) Pak army along with Israeli instructors were in person involved.( ref ; principal secretary of Israel memoirs) . U.S.S.R withdrew when Dr. Najib took over. Afghan war broke the back of the camel. But cities were untouched, they were later on destroyed by in- fighting of Hizbs.

    Not only that Al Qaeda was formed in Peshawar University. Though U.S was interested that a Saudi prince should lead the fight but later agreed to OBL. The power struggle between Hizbs and US attack brought Taliban in to picture. It was an indigenous uprising but were heavily infiltrated by ISI. And the first delegation who met them was comprising of Gen. Babar and a Saudi prince. Hizbs had refused to accept Durand Line and secondly there was infighting and corruption.

    After Iraq invasion; Al Qaeda turned against the USA and 9/11 tragedy with the tacit support of Pakistan , the USA attacked by Afghanistan. Here too the legitimacy of an unconstitutional govt was involved. It was a surprise for State Department for unconditional support of Pakistan.

    FATA , KPK and Balochistan were turned in to safe havens for the training of terrorists. Foreign terrorist were also imported. Musharraf gave a big nod for the use of drone attacks. It is recorded confession. The weak govt of Zardari had to accept the rule of the GHQ.

    Nawaz Sharif was the first elected PM to arrest a youthful Mr. Amel Kansi to hand over to the USA and was executed.
    Nawaz secret relations with Taliban was an open secret. The sectarians and leaguers were part and parcel of Taliban. The later were responsible for the security and leaguers for for political support. If it was not so why he didn’t abrogate the pact of Musharraf..

    Nothing is possible without GHQ support. When the USA is caught Pakistan red handed on many occasion whether it was OBL or Mansour, it struck. All the previous attacks were carried within Pakistan and a naval ship. Both were attacked by Talibans.
    It is Pakistan and only Pakistan military establishment responsible.
    Nothing in the world is free. They have heavily invested and equipped all the three forces. And will get back with interest.

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