The politics of patriotic songs and Pakistan!!

MonaPakistan media has an amazing repertoire of patriotic songs post every nerve wrecking and state machinery failure in our historical journey of nearly 69 years. The latest one seems to be from coke studio one of the most watched music programme in Pakistan creating the complicated and beautiful relation between music and patriotic emotions.

People admire and listen to it such songs, and appreciate the skin raising experience which these songs give to them for patriotic reasons mostly. However, Pakistani patriotism mostly generated through its media has, prevented fruitful policy debates. Pakistan is trapped into its poor conceived policies and media playing its role of stimulating only virulent and blind nationalism. And that is the reason for me that listening to coke studio song is like listening to manipulation and demagoguery in a musical way.

Post Army public school tragedy we saw songs continuously being played on media channels of Pakistan and by declaring them SHAHEED in the songs we seem to have closed all the debate on that loss and tragedy. Religious symbolism is a good way to keep dissenting and most importantly questioning voices shut in Pakistan.

I personally have a serious issue with giving titles to (someone else) children, men and women titles which they may not have wanted in the first place.

We hide our shame by celebrating these men, women and children in our so-called patriotic songs.  And we think these songs will heal the wounds of all our tragedies.

The constructive honest debate, commissions, responsibility fixing, accountability questions and reckoning all lost and we are happy enjoying these songs at this  juncture of our history  once again.

Writer: Mona Aurangzeb

The writer is from FATA, a political and social commentator on Pak-Afghan region. She tweets @mo2005




  1. No these songs will not heal the wounds but YES it has given courage to their families and other children. Ok lets assume you are right then what else we can do ? Other than eliminating them with strong conviction and boosting morale by these songs.You didn’t see the massive operation against Talibans or whatever after APS attack ?

  2. Those who have some sense of belonging to their soil wont criticize the awesome patriotic songs …only people with no affiliation whatsoever to their soil will say so. Indeed we must focus on getting out of the mess created by our corrupt politicians but it is also of utmost import to create a patriotic new generation which will ensure a safe and progressive pakistan. And nothing more can contribute to it than the songs sung by our great legends.

  3. So which sides are we on ? Going through this article what should one conclude ?? That we should appreciate the militants and don’t praise our children and their savior and create sympathies with the militants or take the opposite side..

  4. The auther is right in saying that the songs are fine but we should also know reasons behind all this mess, who is behind, responsibilty needs to be fixed, and need to take measures to prevent from occuring again. I think this is more important than just Compose a new patriotic song and then another national tragedy

  5. Pathetic ,delusional girl its a remake of 65 era’s patriotic song.its a tribute to martyrs of 1965.

  6. Someone once said ” there are two institutions that glamorize death; one is army and the other is religion”.

  7. author is from fata and Pakistan citizenship act donot extend to fata.what she will get from Afghanistan;if she has not got something from Punjab.

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