Taliban killing Afghan security officials on ISI orders: Bismillah Mohammadi

Bismillah-MohammadiAFGHANISTAN: The former Afghan defense minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi slammed the Taliban group for assassinating the Afghan security officials on the orders of Pakistan’s military intelligence, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

He was speaking during a gathering to commemorate the first death anniversary of Hekmatullah Haqmal who was assassinated in Helmand province a year ago.

Mohammadi hailed the Afghan security forces for their devotion and sacrifices in fight against terrorism and said the Afghan people will always stand firm with them to combat the terror groups.

He called on the Taliban group to end violence against the Afghan people and join peace process.

Haqmal was among the prominent security officials in south and was serving as the district police chief of Greshk in Helmand when he was assassinated in a bomb explosion on 1st April.

This is not the first time Pakistan’s ISI has been accused of supporting the anti-government armed militant groups, specifically the Taliban and Haqqani network who are fighting the Afghan government.

The acting Afghan intelligence chief Massoud Andarabi said last week that the Taliban group will likely pursue violence in the summer this year as they are fully supported by ISI in Pakistan.

However, the Pakistani officials have as usual rejected the allegations which comes despite the country’s foreign affairs adviser Sartaj Aziz for the first time confirmed earlier last month that Islamabad influence on Taliban group’s leadership based in Pakistan. -KP


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  1. Dr khurshid Alam

    I cannot doubt it. I have ample proof that it was ISI to kill all Afghan intellectuals in Peshawar through Hizbs.
    I have state department article that they killed 178 tribal elders who were the people of the say in one month in the name of killing terrorists.
    Being the worker of ANP I have no doubt that all nationalist leaders and workers were killed on the orders of ISI. It was this agency who stole our electoral mandate and to bring a cricket player into power in our province for his Pro-Taliban stance.
    It is ISI for the failure of NAP. This dichotomy in the establishment will ultimately result in the failure of Army Action.

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