Pashtun-Canadian senator Salma Attaullah Jan robbed in Islamabad


Pashtun-Canadian Senator Salma Attaullah Jan

ISLAMABAD: Pashtun-Canadian Senator Salma Attaullah Jan was robbed of cash, a black pearl necklace and her ID cards in Islamabad’s F6 area on Tuesday night.

The senator was reportedly approached by two men on a motorcycle as she was getting into her car near F6 Markaz. The men grabbed her handbag and fled, prompting Jan to register a First Investigation Report (FIR).

Jan reported she was carrying $4,200, Rs62,000, a pearl necklace, a few credit cards and her Canadian Senate ID.

Appointed to the Canadian senate in 2010 during Stephen Harper’s tenure, Jan, who hails from Mardan, describes herself as an “activist, artist and realtor”.

She belongs to a political family.

Salma Ataullahjan was born in Mardan, Pakistan, in the province of Kyber Pukhtunkhwa near the Afghan border (previously known as North-West Frontier Province.) Daughter of Saranjam Khan, a former Pakistani Senator and Secretary-General, and Granddaughter of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (“Badshah Khan”), leader of a non-violent Muslim movement for independence from British rule, Salma attributes her political aspirations to the environment in which she grew up.

 Salma settled in Canada in 1980 as a young bride. Destined to follow in her family’s inspirational footsteps, she was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2010, after a prominent career in real estate, community service and politics. As the first Canadian Pushtun Senator, she stands for the ethnic diversity of all Canadians and is, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, “bringing a Muslim voice into Canadian political life.”




Salma is known throughout the community of Toronto for her commitment and dedication to others. She has lived in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 30 years, making a lasting impression by providing a helping hand wherever and whenever she is needed.

She stated her political heroes were Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Emily Stowe and Terry Fox.

According to the Islamabad police’s crime statistics, figures show incidences of ‘general theft’ to have decreased from 422 to 355 between 2014 and 2015. However, reports from 2016 show crime to have risen in the capital city.

Expatriates are particular targets for some criminal gangs. In 2015, the Islamabad police’s investigative unit had busted a gang of robbers who were notorious for targeting foreign nationals.


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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    What is she doing in this Terrorist infected country in the first place. She should rather spend her time
    in Pashtunkhwa and Fata. She seem so helpful to all and sundry,but cant urge the Candian government
    to place the Terrorist Jehadi state of Napakistan on sanctions especially Punjab. Has she ever voiced her \
    concern for the Pashtun who are bombed by this Punjabi Terrorist in Fata and has been driven like dogs and pigs from their ancestral home by the Punjabi occupation of their land.
    No like most Pashtun when they obtain a little power,their only focus is themselves and their acquisition of wealth and even hobknobbing with the Punjabi Terrorist occupiers.
    I have never once heard she speak out of the tyranny and genocide of Pashtun by the Terrorist state of
    Punjab and its terrorist training and financing isi and generals. No she even spends most of her time in Punjab and promoting Napakistan in Canada.

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