Pakistani passport ranked as second worst in the world for international travel

pakipassportThe Pakistani citizens are holding the second worst passport in the world, joining the Afghan citizens in the latest index update by a London-based consulting firm which puts Afghan passport as the least powerful.

According to the index update, Pakistan has been placed in the bottom of the update, securing 103rd place which is just one point above Afghanistan.

The index update by Henley & Partners attempts to quantify the power of passports based on the judgments of the top passports in the world by the amount of visa-free travel they entitle their owner to.

Pakistan has earned only four points more than Afghanistan in the latest index update which is 29 points while Afghanistan has been given a score of 25 points.

The only countries listed below Afghanistan are South Sudan and Palestinian territories, according to the index update, with South Sudan being the youngest sovereign state in the world and Palestinian territories less diplomatically recognized by countries in the West.

The index found Germans held the most powerful passports in the world for third year in row in 2016. While, a number of the European nations and the United States, Japan and Canada are closely following Germany as the top nations holding the most powerful passports in the world.-KP

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  1. the criterion for judgment in this case is full of flaws,, ,,,why would a country give pakistan visa free access? Pakistan is not an EU member and have not in mutual agreements with other countries who offer visa free travel. If they rank us second from the bottom, we consider them all at the bottom as no one is free to come to pakistan without a visa. lolz

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