Pakistan using violence to take up Durand Line issue: Karzai

Karzai-3-615x300@2xFormer President Hamid Karzai has alleged Pakistani government of intending to raise the Durand Line issue by creating tensions at the Torkham crossing.

“Pakistan’s these efforts are baseless, which would never give fruit,” Karzai told the BBC in an interview, advising Islamabad to deal with Kabul as a good neighbor, instead of interference.

He asked Pakistani officials to be wise and logic, keeping good relationship with its neighboring Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, he slammed the horrific shooting in Orlando, Florida in strongest and possible terms.

The shooting left dozens of people killed and wounded. He said the shooter didn’t represent Islam and emphasized that the Afghans were with the people of America in this horrific act.

“The man who did this, was born in USA, raised there and has nothing to do with Afghanistan,” Karzai said, adding that the incident could be the outcome of personal ideology.

Karzai said that the shooter had completed education there in USA, and was working in a security agency there. That’s why he had no connection to Afghanistan, but only his father was an Afghan.

“I don’t think he ever visited Afghanistan either, he was an American man,” he added that the man committed a crime against human being.

“From the Afghan perspective, we suffer from causalities every day, and that’s why we realize this pain more than others,” Karzai said, adding that it was a humanitarian catastrophe and unforgivable act. -AT


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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    Pashtun need to be wise and should know that the Punjabi Fascist want to deceive the Pashtun and keep them occupied with war by their sly machinations at Torkham.
    The Punjabis want the international community to decide and verify Durand.No international community,no UN,no China,No one except Pashtun and Afghans will decide Durand .And they have already unanimously decided no one will divide Pashtunkhwa from Afghanistan . Pashtun land are from Amu to Margahllah Hills. History knows this and we have no borders with a Pakistan or Punjabis .Punjabis also want to use the cover that they want to seatrch for Terrorist therefore they need to impose visas and fence off Torkham.This is all their double and serpent nature coming to the fore as that is the nature of their ilk.
    No one has the right to decide Durand,No UN,No one except Pashtun and their history. Historic land of Pashtun is from Amu to Abaseen upto Marghalla.

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