Pakistan – the main factor in Kabul carnage

kba2EDITORIAL: A scene of fear and terror unlashed on Wednesday morning, after a massive blast shaken Kabul, the capital city, in which hundreds of innocent Afghans were killed and wounded. There is no doubt that heinous terrorists have once again proved that they (terrorists) have no respect and mercy to humanity. It is also a crystal fact that state-supporting them is also in the same truck of cruelness, unkind, ruthless and as whole against humankind. The brave Afghan security forces are fighting terrorist with high moral, but our enemies are hiding them in its soil. Soon after deadly explosion, National Directorate of Security (NDS) said that suicide attack was planned by the Haqqani Network in coordination with the Pakistan Inter-Services (ISI) in Pakistan. Hope there was no country by the name of Pakistan in the world map. Why Pakistan is hell-bent on killing Afghans? Over 90 innocent Afghans were killed and more than 450 wounded in the terrorist attack supported by the ISI. Terrorists have once again proved they were representing no religion and ideology and staged such attacks just to please their Pakistan lords. The killing of innocent people in the month of Ramadan served no purpose and was against principles of Islami, the NDS said in a statement. Certainly, our brave Afghan security forces would bring the perpetrators of the heinous act to the book. Pakistan is our number one enemy, and does everything to destroy us. But, this dream of Pakistan would be digger to the grave by our security institutions. Moreover, the National Unity Government (NUG) has to take the issue with UN Security Council. Pakistan’s atrocity is no more tolerable. Key leaders of the militants are living in Pakistan, some of them already killed there. It is like open book that Pakistan supporting and harboring militants. In real scene, we are in fight against Pakistan—once we nail the country into its knee—we conquer against terrorists along it. Neither the militants, nor the government of Pakistan are separate from each other’s, even ideologically are the same. Both are two sides of the same coin—both are making indefatigable efforts to ruin Afghanistan. Taking this in view, time is ripe for the NUG to wage war against Pakistan officially, and defiantly the entire Afghan masses would stand shoulder to shoulder with the government. This war has been feeding on the blood of our people, and Pakistan is the main factor in carnage. With all uncertainty, we will create a new Afghanistan, while fighting against evil forces. We will win against Pakistan. We are already one step forward, as the cricket board cancelled planned cricket games against Pakistan after the bombing. Not only cricket, but every sort of ties has to be suspended with Pakistan. Wish Pakistan was not our neighbor—at least we could have breath of serenity.

By Kadwal, Kabul


  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    The Americans in Afghanistan is in cahoots with the Punjabis and the Taleban and ISI.
    They are not there for the protection of Afghanistan or Pashtun. Both US and Punjabis and Taleban
    are busy with Pashtun and other Afghan genocide.

    • Stabilization of Afghanistan is linked directly with the history of creation of Pakistan and Afghanistan. All the powers which supported and created Pakistan along with the Pashtun areas and allowed the occupation of Baluchistan with an intent to contain Russia, still see the pictures in the same way. Hence , none want to change the situation. Purposefully, Afghanistan is kept weak and defenseless in front of aggressive Pakistan with shadow armies.
      USA, UK, EUROPE AND CHINA all are supplying arms and finances to Pakistan knowing fully well that Pakistan shelters terrorists and destabilizing Afghanistan.
      Unless Afghanistan gets a strong leader who can lead the entire people of Afghanistan to bring out the country from this mess permanently, situation remains same.
      If Afghans depend on big powers, their fate will never change. Permanent change is the settlement of durand line issue either one way or other way. If necessary , Afghans should be ready for full blown war or peace with compromises.

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