Pakistan is a partner for terrorists, not United States: US Senator Rohrabacher

RohrabacherUS Senator Dana Rohrabacher has said Pakistan is a reliable partner fir terrorists and not the United States, warning that the provision of millions in aid to Pakistani government in fight against terrorism would have a reverse outcome.

The US Senator was speaking to Voice of America’s Afghanistan during an exclusive interview.

Senator Rohrabacher further added that Islamabad considers the US airstrike against the Taliban leader a violation of its sovereignty as it has provided safe havens for the terrorists who are taking lives of thousands of people and innocent Afghans.

He said the United States will not be concerned regarding the feelings of Pakistan for the US airstrikes targeting the terrorists.

Calling the Taliban group a terrorist organization, Senator Rohrabacher said the leaders of the group and all other terrorists organizations should be targeted by United States wherever they are based.

Senator Rohrabacher also added that the Afghans should fully lead the war in their soil and the United States must provide Afghanistan with all needed support.

He also added that Pakistan, Saud Arabia and Taliban have are attempting to have influence and power in Afghanistan and this issue has taken Afghanistan into a crisis.

According to Senator Rohrabacher, the United States should support a courageous military individual to fight the menace of terror and sustain a non-radical Islamic government in Afghanistan.

Senator Rohrabacher said the First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum is a competent person for this work. -KP


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  1. Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

    Pakistan is not the partner but a godfather to terrorism. It is unfortunate that the USA supported initially and now it has assumed a status of threat to the world peace; our American friends are coming to the forth.
    It is no point to go to past; we should think of tomorrow. We must to our future generation. And the biggest gift we can give is Peace.
    I think the USA should do more than what it is expected to do.
    Another point I would like to share with the senator; that present quadrilateral approach is a non starter. I feel it should be a circle approach; inclueding India, Russia, Iran & KSA. The biggest hindrance to peace is the stake factor. To minimise it it needs envolvement of all. Secondly it will minimise the tactics of blackmailing by Pakistan.

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