Pak envoy links peace in Afghanistan to resolution of Kashmir issue

Mushahid Hussain Sayed

Mushahid Hussain Sayed

A Pakistani envoy has reportedly linked peace in Afghanistan to the resolution of Kashmir issue as the Afghan officials are pessimistic regarding Islamabad’s honesty to bring the Taliban group to negotiations table.

Pakistan Prime Minister’s special envoy on Kashmir Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed has said a solution to both is required for peace and they cannot be “compartmentalised”.

“Road to peace in Kabul lies in Kashmir in the sense that when you talk of peace, you cannot compartmentalise peace, you can’t segregate a section… ok you can have peace in Kabul and let Kashmir burn. That is not going to happen,” Syed was quoted as saying in a report by Economic Times.

Syed who is the chairman of the Pakistan Senate’s Defence and Defence Production Committee was speaking during an interaction at Washington-based think-tank Stimson Centre.

“So you (US) talk of a comprehensive peace settlement, so let the people of South Asia not be hostage to the hostility of the past. Let them move forward,” Syed added.

Shezra Mansab, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, as Special Envoys of Pakistan Prime Minister on Kashmir, said “Our core issue this time is Kashmir and no peace can prevail in the region, if this issue is not solved. It is an international dispute. It is not an internal problem. The stakes are very high now, we are nuclear neighbours so we need to have peace on the issue of Kashmir and then rest of the things can be solved.”

This comes as the Afghan officials earlier said that they will not expect Pakistan to help revive the Afghan peace talks with the Taliban group.

Efforts in the framework of Quadrilateral Coordination Group consisting of Afghanistan, Pakistan, US and China failed after the Taliban group rejected to participate in peace talks and announced their spring offensive.

The Afghan officials criticized Pakistan for remaining reluctant to act against the leadership councils of Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network based in Peshawar and Quetta cities of Pakistan. -KP


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  1. Senator Sayed Mushahid Hussai; while speaking to Washington based US Think Tank came out with strange hypothesis to link peace in Kashmir valley with Afghanistan. He argues that peace cannot be compartmentalized. He probably amnesic that Kashmir problem remain unsolved since 1947 and was complicated by Pakistan by launching war using tribal and the militia of three Northern States resulting in Maharaja request for Indian help and subsequent warning by Lord M. Baton. This was the second terrorist act by Pakistan, it was preceded by invasion of Qalat in 1947.
    Afghan terrorism was started by Pakistan during Zia time when the bearer of the book launched an unholy war against godless USSR. In the back ground it was the policy of strategic depth, liberation of Kashmir and creation of Khalistan by the huge cash and military arsenal made available to Pakistan by the US and Saudi Arabia.
    I fail to comprehend Mr. Sayed’s logic. In fact the road to peace in both places starts from Rawalpindi. As peace cannot be compartmentalized so is terror. As Ex. Senator A. Siab; has analysed in his recent article that the elephant is in the room. Civil government for the first time raised its accusing finger to the Elephant. Mr. Sayed statement is indirect confession of Pakistan State terrorism in both places. Why the international does not take notice of heavy handedness of Indian Security? The simple logic is Kashmir humanitarian issue has been diluted by State sponsored terrorism as Mr. Rana a PML(N) MNA said in his statement after returning from France.
    If at all Mr. Hussain wants to give comparison he should compare Kashmir with Baluchistan and Fata. We are not only terrorizing our neighbors but terrorize our own citizen as well if they ask for national rights. Didn’t we use our nuclear deterrent in killing 82 years old Nawab Bugti. Sayed Sb was the member of negotiating team. They (Baloch) were asking for National rights and Islamabad was offering economic Package. In Persian they say,” Man chamee goyad, tamboor cha mee sarayed.

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