Lahore-Kuala Lumpur PIA flight diverted to Karachi due to ‘technical issues’

ap-bdz-pia-pakistan-international-airlines-airbus-a310-308_planespottersnet_259265A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Lahore to Kuala Lumpur was diverted to Karachi due to technical reasons that developed mid-flight early Monday.

PIA spokesman Danyal Gilani said upon landing in Karachi, the aircraft was replaced with an alternate plane before flight PK-898 took off for the Malaysian capital at 4:00am local time.

“[The flight was] diverted due to technical reasons,” he told, and did not confirm media reports alleging “hydraulic pipes had burst”.

Map showing diversion of PK-898.— Courtesy: FlightAware
Map showing diversion of PK-898.— Courtesy: FlightAware

He said the airline diverted the plane to Karachi instead of landing in KL as it did not want the plane to be stranded in Malaysia. It was diverted to Karachi as a “precautionary measure” because PIA’s engineering maintenance station is situated there, Gilani added.

A map on the plane tracking site FlightAware shows that after taking off from Lahore at 12:56am, the flight was enroute Malaysia over India when it diverted towards Karachi.

As a result of the diversion, the PK-898 which was scheduled to land in Kuala Lumpur at around 10am landed at 2:14pm.

PIA to operate 6 ATR flights on Monday

PIA will operate a total of six ATR flights today, the airline said in a press release.

“These flights include PK-605 (Islamabad-Gilgit), PK-606 (Gilgit-Islamabad), PK-249 (Islamabad-Kabul), PK-250 (Kabul-Islamabad), PK-681 (Islamabad-Multan) and PK-682 (Multan-Islamabad).”

On Sunday, the airline operated four flights of C-130 aircraft, obtained from the Pakistan Air Force, for Gilgit and Chitral from the Benazir Bhutto International airport.

Later in the evening, the airline operated Islamabad-Multan-Islamabad flights on an ATR plane after its clearance in the shakedown test currently underway. -DN


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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    This should now be a wake up call for Pashtun business people and Pashtun politicians to demand their
    own Pashtunkhwa airlines that will fly direct from Peshawar and stop overs at Quetta and Mingora to anywhere in the world. Pakistan airways is a disgrace and too ugly for Pashtun aesthetics and it has poor
    substandard class services which is insult to the stature of Pashtun as a people when they fly abroad.

    Peshawar,Kabul and Quetta need to have major airports that connect to the major international cities of Asia,Europe,Middle East and Russia and Central Asia. Kabul should be hub of travel to ,Europe,AmericaCentral Asia,Russia, and Middle East. Peshawar should be a major hub for travelling to South East Asia and South Asia and Quetta to the Middle East ,Europe,Africa and the US.

    The Pashtun Afghan Loy Afghanistan will have 150 million people by 2050 and they will trade intra regionally and internationally .Ariana Afghan airlines whose hub is Kabu Internationall,should be augmented by Pashtunkhwa airlines whose hub should be Peshawar International and Quetta International. These airlines should serve Pashtunkwa-Afghanistan together with other smaller airlines such as Safi,Kam etc.

    By time that Pashtun stop sleeping and wait for Punjabi Raj to empower and think for them.They need educated cadres of youth that will turn Afghanistan Pashtunkhwa into a great modern culturally and ecoenomically and technologically advanced Pashtun majority nation at peace with itself ,and eachh other and that knows its place in the world..

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